Small-Ball Effective for UH

Small ball is taking over the NBA. So why not here, at UH too?

There was a point in time last night, when we were down by 9, and my frustration was hitting it's boiling point, that I exclaimed aloud, to no one in particular, "Why isn't Gib playing more small ball?" And, as though we were on the same wave length, out went Christian, and in came Aaron. You see, the real strength of this Hawaii team is not in it's bigs. Its in the depth at guard. Particularly the trio of Nevels, Sham and Smith. Those three guys alone can make plays on both offense and defense, particularly in creating both turnovers and on the break. With that way that fouls are called now, it's extremely hard to lock anyone up on one on without getting a call against you. So, then, the ability to strip and create turnovers becomes key, something that each of those guys excels at. Don't get me wrong, Christian is a solid player. He does, however, tend to get exposed when he faces athletic wings who are quicker than he is. That was really apparent last night in particular. I hope Gib watches film and realizes that the lineup of those three guards and Aaron at 4 and Fotu at 5 is really tough for anyone to stop.

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