Free Big Mike!!

Mike Thomas needs to play. Put him in Coach! He's ready to contribute.

Big Mike is tall. Big Mike is athletic. Big Mike has freakishly long arms. Put in Big Mike. Just do it. If for no other reason than when it comes to tourney time (both Big West and, if we're lucky, NCAA) Gib will need all the bodies that he can have to throw at some of the monsters on the mainland. I've watched Mike play for a few months now, and the raw material is there. He just needs to get some game time to hone it down and Gib should take advantage of him now, instead of sticking to the rotation that he has (even Aaron has seen his PT decrease as of late.) One of the biggest things Hawaii lacks is a decent fill-in if Fotu gets in foul trouble or is ineffective, so give Big Mike a shot!

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