Tavita Woodard Signs With an Agent

Tavita Woodard became the first UH Player to sign with an agent so far. Good Luck on your NFL journey!

Stephen Tsai reported today that Tavita Woodard has signed with agent Cameron Weiss of Empire Athletics, which is based in Santa Monica. A week ago, Woodard texted the Warrior Beat to report he had chosen Weiss. Details were not worked out until the past couple of days. Weiss said there had been "11th-hour negotiations," but now "the paper work is in and out." Woodard will train under Chad Ikei in Hawaii. Weiss is a lawyer who teamed with Joe Barkett to found Empire Athletics in 2012.

It seems like a lot of the UH guys train with Chad Ikei. It's nice to see a local trainer getting so much respect. I can recall meeting even NFL guys who didnt play their college ball here, coming back home to train with Chad. I guess Tavita has come a long way from working out at the BJ Penn Gym in the off season. Good luck to him and his NFL endeavors! He was the biggest prospect on the team before the year, and he'll likely stay that way now.

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