Hawaii vs. Cal Poly SLO

Hawaii (11-3) begins its conference schedule tomorrow at Cal Poly (4-9) at 5 PM Hawaii Standard Time.

First off. Why is this game not on TV? I mean really? Cmon. We're in 2014 now. I can't catch all my team's games on TV? Anyway, Hawaii will be playing tomorrow at Robert A. Mott Gym in Cali, a place where actually quite a few of the Warriors call home. Despite their lackluster record, most of their 9 losses came against pretty decent teams. So it's hard to tell exactly what this means for UH. Will it be a cupcake, like I'm sure most people expect? Or will it be a challenge. We annually struggle on the road, away from the friendly confines of the Stan Sheriff Center. So hopefully this season marks the beginning of a beautiful thing. Their best player is probably Chris Eversley, who leads the team in both points and rebounds (14 and 7.2 respectively). He's 6-7 and a senior, so he's obviously motivated to win as much as possible. And his combination of size and strength puts UH at a decided disadvantage from a one-on-one perspective (since Christian will probably be guarding him). We will see!

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