Darrian Josey Commits

Stephen Tsai is reporting that Boynton Beach Wide Receiver Darrian Josey has Committed to UH.

Good news, and speed of any kind on the football field, tend to go hand in hand. So, color me surprised (and pleased) to discover that Darrian Josey, a Florida wideout, had committed to Hawaii (thanks to an update from Tsai.) It's not super necessary, given the talent that we currently have out wide, to have Josey play right away, and so he can come in and build up some bulk (while immediately contributing as a kick returner.) And by build up bulk, I mean he needs to eat. A lot. 155 is what he's currently listed at, and the last guy that skinny (Trevor Davis) took at least one year to develop given his small frame. If he can get up past 170, and maintain his speed, NOW we're talking. I wonder if he'll arrive in time to save Norm's job....

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