Hawaii vs. Cal Poly SLO

Hawaii finally breaks its streak of 5 losses to Cal Poly by winning at home, 69-60.

In one of the weirder streaks that UH is (and hopefully will) break this season, it overcame a 5 game losing streak to Cal Poly SLO on Saturday, beating them 69-60. It's not as though the losing streak is weird, just that Cal Poly isn't exactly a powerhouse of the Big West. Still, certain teams have strengths that target weaknesses of others and Chris Eversley represents just that. He's a big combo guard/forward, and UH just has no answer for guys like that. If it's a small guard, we have the depth to handle that. If he's a big guy, we have Davis. But guys somewhere in between? Those guys tend to rip us apart. Thankfully he was held in check this game, so it's no shock that we won. Hopefully we can continue this trend.

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