Hawaii vs UCSB

Hawaii fell for the second straight game tonight, 86-77 to UCSB. But that wasn't the real story here...

It's a shame when a game gets ruined by something that's...totally unnecessary. And this game was. Sure the idiot who ran on the court wasn't the WHOLE story. But the fact that he was even a story at all is what makes this disheartening. Sure there are lots of times that I yell at refs. That people next to me yell at refs. Opposing coaches. Sometimes even players, when its a big game and we feel like we are particularly influential. But to actively run onto the court? And CONFRONT someone? That takes a level of idiocy that no amount of alcohol can excuse.

And now that my rant is done...this game was much closer than the score would indicate. Once again...so close to 20 wins and so far. I hope we can pull out a win next week to end the season and begin the post season on a strong note. We can beat every team in the Big West, we just have to pull it all together. CMON GUYS!

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