Micah Vanterpool talks Hawaii commitment

Phoenix (Ariz.) Central High School offensive lineman Micah Vanterpool sits down for a one-on-one interview about why he committed to Hawaii today.

Q: Why did you commit to Hawaii?

A: Hawaii just felt like home when I was there. Everything just felt so laid back and relaxed. Coach Chris played in the NFL for 12 years, a five-time Pro Bowler, is one of the smartest minds in the football world, I personally think. That’ll be a great coaching experience to get.


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Q: How long had you been in contact with them?

A: The funny thing about it is there was a page on twitter that hit me up and said, ‘Hey, your tape is amazing, can you talk sometime?’ Then I started talking to Coach Rolo and the offer came within two days. It was really great and I got to sit down and meet all the coaches. Then I got to talk with Coach Rolo and Coach Chris and I fell in love with the place.

I’m looking forward to sitting back and throwing the ball 30 of 40 times per game. I’ll just sit back in that pass (protection) and when it’s third and long and we need a first down, I know I’m not going to be able to let up that sack.

Q: What did you learn your senior year?

A: This senior year just told me not to take anything for granted. ‘You’re only guaranteed 10 games for the rest of your life Micah, so if you want to extend that, start working and grinding away at it.’ That’s what I did. I got in the weight room and got bigger, faster and stronger. Just trying to get this whole thing going.

Q: Have you talked with the other Hawaii targets in Arizona?

A: I’ve started talking to them a little bit. I’m telling them all that Hawaii is a great place. You’re in paradise for four years. Most people spend their whole lives saving up to go there, and you’re going to be able to live there for the next four or five years and get some great coaching and great winning.

Q: Do you know what major you will go into?

A: Along the lines of occupational therapist. I just want to help people. That’s my whole thing. I just feel like I’m a big giver and I just want to help people in need.

Q: What will you be doing to prepare yourself this offseason?

A: Just start applying myself more so in the classroom. Obviously get in the weightroom, everybody is going to be bigger than me, faster than me, stronger than me. I just have to work that and get ready because the work is only beginning.

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