Hammer Time: The Need for Speed

Hammer continues on a visit with strength coach Mel DeLaura and a cast of hard-working Warriors and future pros.

Hammer Time

The Need for Speed

By RSN Hammer

Wednesday, May 29, 2002


This was a Warrior's fan dream come true……Up close and personal watching all the blood, sweat and tears in preparation for the upcoming fall campaign…..Coach DeLaura is in control and has the routine set……Coach Mel knows the players….Houston Ala mentioned that Coach Mel will really help those who want the help and are dedicated to getting stronger and better conditioned….Coach has it all down and willingly helps even former Warriors wanting to make the jump to the next level…..Coach joked to me, "Too bad you don't have your workout gear I would put you thru the workout too."….. "Me too??"  What a coach.


 "By the way Coach, what's the story on Isaac Sopoaga?" …as soon as I said this Coach's eyes lit up…."That man (pointing to Vince Manuwai) and Isaac are the two best we have….Vince is just a little stronger than Isaac  …..and Isaac doesn't even know how to lift weights yet"…….man, getting chicken skin already.


Good to see Joe Correia (not Correa like I had it last time) working out…..fresh from mini-camp with the 49ers Joe was still getting instructions from Coach on how to improve his strength, conditioning and speed in preparation for the next mini-camp…."Hey Joe, must have been neat with the 49ers"…… "Yeah"….."How was it?"…."Man, those guys are fast….up there it's all about speed….and the linemen are all big just like Vince but a little taller…..they got me playing in the middle".."Same as Jeff Ulbrich?"…."No they brought in an 8 year veteran to play the middle and moved Jeff to the outside….Jeff's down to 230"…."You look about 230 now"…."No, 240"…Coach Mel called out and motioned, "Joe, your turn"…. back to the workout for Joe.


While Coach DeLaura's strength and conditioning program is impressive, perhaps equally or more impressive was the dedication of Warriors in the weight room……..these are young men we're talking about who have just finished school for the semester…tired from school .I would think that the normal mindset would be to take it easy for a while and then come back……talk about dedication…...Vince mentioned that other Warriors train in the morning and that they basically go six days a week…..normally during the summer Vince will take maybe a week and half off then it's back to working out.


To be continued…….


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