Hammer Time: More from the weight room

Hammer completes his visit to the UH weight room and regulars like Houston Ala, Vincent Manuwai, and of course, strength coach Mel DeLaura.

Hammer Time

Ala, Manuwai pump away as summer approaches


By RSN Hammer

May 25, 2002


It was such an interesting mix to see in the Alec Waterhouse weight room … Warriors in different stages of the Warriors' Journey … Strength Coach Mel DeLaura, the former Rainbow Warrior who had come full circle back to where it all started, instructing current, past and future Warriors … there was Joe Correia who had completed his journey as a Warrior and is getting a shot at playing on Sundays … there was the senior to be Vincent Manuwai in his last year as a Warrior and preparing for a possible NFL career … there was the junior to be Houston Ala…..and then there were the future Warriors, the incoming recruits, Samson Satele and company right out of Kailua High School.


RSN Hammer: "Houston, you look good. How big?"


Houston Ala: "Two-fifty. Could put on more weight, but just gotta listen to Coach DeLaura. Better to put on the weight the right way"


RSN Hammer: "Before UH did you have any formal weight and strength program?"


Houston Ala: "No, but Kam school just hired someone for a weight and strength program."


I remember seeing Houston during his first fall camp … he looked about 210 and looked like a linebacker instead of a defensive end … Houston has really bulked up real solid and it looks like he will make a major contribution this year … no fat, all muscle and he is strong … he was consistently lifting 120-pound dumbbells in each hand.


RSN Hammer: "Do you regret not redshirting?"


Houston Ala: "Nah, you just gotta be ready and play when they need you to play."


Gotta love the team first attitude.


You just gotta love the recruits from Kailua … can't help but be impressed by Samson Satele and company's heart and desire to get started in their Warrior journey … Houston mentioned that normally recruits come in a week or a couple days before fall camp … by coming in this early the Kailua boys are getting a big jump on the other newcomers … these are raw young men ready to be chiseled thru hard work and proper guidance … there is such a contrast in workout techniques and body makeup that can be seen between the older Warriors and these new Warriors.


RSN Hammer: "Vince, this is your last year here….ready for the NFL?"


Vincent Manuwai: "Hope to be."


Vince is ever so humble and is one of the Warriors' team leaders who leads by his actions.


RSN Hammer: "If you could choose what team to play for who would it be?"


Vincent Manuwai: "49ers, something about the colors."


RSN Hammer: "49ers, my team all my life. Warrior highlights?"


Vincent Manuwai: "Really wanted to play at home in front of family."


RSN Hammer: "How big were you as an incoming freshman? How fast?"


Vincent Manuwai: "About 250. Now about 290. Used to be a 4.9 40, but, with the extra 40 pounds, now a 5.1 40."


"OK, time, time to run," Coach DeLaura called out … the weight room was finished for the day, it was now time to run at the football practice field … started walking out of the Alec Waterhouse weight room with Vince and just talked story …


RSN Hammer: "Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys."


Vincent Manuwai: "Anytime. You're a supporter. We want to give back to our supporters."


RSN Hammer: "Thanks, Vincent ‘NFL' Manuwai."


Vincent Manuwai: "No, just Vinny."


Warriors 2002 … to be continued.

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