Hammer Time: Nick Rolovich in the Mile High City

RSN Hammer chats with NFL hopeful Nick Rolovich in the first of a series of stories about the record-breaking former Hawaii slinger.

Hammer Time

Nick Rolovich in the Mile High City


By RSN Hammer

June 4, 2002


Tried calling Nick the day before but wasn't able to get connected. Decided to try again and maybe with a little luck of the Irish things would be different today. Just had to get the lowdown from Nick on how things were going. This football deprived fan was going stir crazy not hearing news about football.


Rolo: Hello…


RSN Hammer:  Nick!!


Rolo: What's up? How you?


RSN Hammer: I'm ok, how are you? How you doing?


Rolo: Got your message yesterday, just been busy….we were busy today with football practice and everything.


RSN Hammer: How's practice going.


Rolo: It's going great, it really is.


RSN Hammer: That's good, when does camp start?


Rolo: We have another kind of mini camp for a week coming up next Monday, then we're a gonna have training camp on the 24th of July.


RSN Hammer: So your mom says your gonna come back to Honolulu for a little while.


Rolo: Yeah, coming back on June 14th.


RSN Hammer: Your mom has all the scoops man.


Rolo: I know she does, she does at that.


RSN Hammer: Are you busy now?


Rolo: Just watching a basketball game.


RSN Hammer: What game?


Rolo: Celtics/Nets.


It didn't dawn on me, but, here it was, right in the middle of a semi-final NBA game, Nick and Ashley taking a well deserved break from practice, watching film and playbook study, but I just continue to ask question after question. Nick, in true fashion, was so courteous and cordial and just kept answering question after question.


RSN Hammer: So you and Ashley both there?


Rolo: Yeah.


RSN Hammer: What goes on in camp?


Rolo: At least four days a week we do lifting and throwing … lot of film work and you know studying and stuff.


RSN Hammer: So, big difference from UH?


Rolo: Aaaaah… its just on a bigger scale, you know little more speed but lot of the same concepts.


RSN Hammer: Everything that June teaches is basically from pro camps right?


Rolo: Yeah, you see a lot of his stuff … you know in everything he's just got his own way of calling it and reading it, but the same concepts are there.


RSN Hammer: So you've gotten to meet all of the coaches; who's the quarterbacks coach? Kubiak?


Rolo: No, Kubiak's the OC and Pat McPherson's the quarterbacks coach.


RSN Hammer: How many qbs in camp?


Rolo: Just four QBs right now.


RSN Hammer: Beurlein's not there?


Rolo: Beurlein's here … Beurlein, Griese, Jarius Jackson and me. The other quarterback is in Europe (Ed's note: Husak is the other quarterback who is presently playing in the WLAF).


RSN Hammer: How ‘bout weight training?


Rolo: Yeah, we're lifting weights and that stuff. It's all included.


RSN Hammer: Your free agent contract, do they take care of everything?


Rolo: What do you mean?


RSN Hammer: Like flying in and out of town, apartment and food?


Rolo: Yeah, they take care of all of that.


RSN Hammer: So in addition to that they pay you whatever else they contracted you to?


Rolo: Yeah, so it works out good.


RSN Hammer: So you're eating good?


Rolo: Yeah, its not a bad deal, not bad at all. How's the islands?


RSN Hammer: Very nice. I'm looking out the window and the ocean is so beautiful. Do you surf?


Rolo: A little bit. I wouldn't say it's a big thing, but I enjoy being out there.


RSN Hammer: Surfing … and how's the guitar coming?


Rolo: Aahh … kinda taking a little break for a while … lost a lot of interest in it.


RSN Hammer: How many years playing?


Rolo: Aah, just about you know, one, really trying, trying to learn it


RSN Hammer: Thought you were a professional at it.


Rolo: No, not at all.


RSN Hammer: I thought that if played the guitar like you play football you must be good.


Rolo: (chuckle). One of these days I might.




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