Hammer Time: Interview with Nick Rolovich, part 2

RSN Hammer offers the second part of his interview with former UH record-breaker and current Denver Broncos hopeful Nick Rolovich.

Hammer Time

Nick Rolovich in the Mile High City, part 2


By RSN Hammer

Wednesday, June 5, 2002


RSN Hammer: So camp is going good and you're learning a lot?


Rolo: Yeah, I am learning a lot … you know, I would like a little more time to learn it all, which I'm going to get to do before camp is done.


RSN Hammer: When is the official camp?


Rolo: July 24.


RSN Hammer: How many quarterbacks will they bring in at that time?


Rolo: Aaaa, maybe five but I'm not sure.


RSN Hammer: Aaaa, no problem, you work hard.


Rolo: Definitely.


RSN Hammer: Are you any bigger now?


Rolo: Aaaaa, I just feel like I'm getting in shape and stuff like that.


RSN Hammer: Just like how coach Mel (DeLaura) use to keep everyone in shape?


Rolo: He sure did…. Yeah.


RSN Hammer: Is he pro level?


Rolo: Aaaaaa … there's just a lot more money involved at the pro level, that's about it. You know it's just a different philosophy. Each strength coach is different, just like coaching … you know, what their strengths are or you know what they believe is key to the game and is what they work on.


RSN Hammer: I recently bumped into Vince Manuwai and he invited me to watch a workout … very interesting.


Rolo: Yeah, I know. Now you know how they do it.


RSN Hammer: Everybody here is wondering how Ashley is doing.


Rolo: Ashley is doing great. He's just, you know, he's one of a kind, really.


RSN Hammer: Well, you and he were one of a kind.


Rolo: (chuckle) I appreciate that. He's doing real well, though. I mean they're real pleased and real excited about the progress.


RSN Hammer: Next week is another mini camp. So what do you do all day? Film and study the playbook?


Rolo: Watch film and then study the playbook at night when I'm away from … you know.


RSN Hammer: Man, maybe there's too much studying.


Rolo: Nah, you know it's your job now.


RSN Hammer: I remember last year you were all working hard, studying and then finally the light turned on.


Rolo: I don't think it's happened yet in this offense.


RSN Hammer: So everything is going good?


Rolo: Yeah … you know, I tell you what, everyone I've met here is a good person. I mean from trainers, equipment guys, to the front office, to the coaches, to the players … every single person. I don't have a bad thing to say about anybody here.


RSN Hammer: How bout the Dallas camp, was it different?


Rolo: It was very different. I just don't think I was really wanted in Dallas too much.


RSN Hammer: You know it kinda starts with the owner and kinda flows down from there.


Rolo: Yeah, it really does.


RSN Hammer: The owner in Denver???


Rolo: Pat Bowlen … he's a local boy, got a house in Diamond Head, I think or Kahala. I met his son and he always talks about Hawaii all the time.


RSN Hammer: How bout those 49ers?


Rolo: Yeah, it could have been the greatest situation but it just didn't work out well.


RSN Hammer: It worked out great that Ashley's here.


Rolo: Definitely. Makes a huge difference.


RSN Hammer: Kinda like seeing the Kailua boys coming to campus together.


Rolo: They kinda count on each other.


RSN Hammer: So you and Ashley just count on each other?


Rolo: That's right. We both know where we want to get to and we know where we are now, we're pretty excited about that.


Next up: Conclusion to Nick Rolovich in the Mile High City.

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