Hammer Time: Interview with Rolo, part 3

Hammer concludes his interview with former University of Hawaii slinger Nick Rolovich.

Hammer Time

Nick Rolovich: The Warrior Days

Interview, Part 3





By RSN Hammer

Friday, June 6, 2002

The Nets/Celtics game was slowly becoming history, but, Nick, ever so patient continued to field questions about the Bronco mini-camp and his recently completed days of being a Warrior…Mama Rolo, you and Papa Rolo done well and have a son you can be very proud of.



RSN Hammer: The first year you were here, how was it?


Rolo: What do you mean?


RSN Hammer: I know you guys were practicing real hard and everything, but, I remember you saying that finally last year the light kinda turned on.


Rolo: Yeah … you know I don't think that's happened here yet … this offense, you know they're still adding new stuff every few days or so.


RSN Hammer: You mean they keep adding new plays and even more new plays?


Rolo: Yeah.


RSN Hammer: Hmmm … But back to the first year here, did it really take that long to understand the run and shoot?


Rolo: Yeah, it's a different. You gotta be in a different mind set to understand the run and shoot.


RSN Hammer: Gee, I still can't understand the run and shoot after this many years.


Rolo: (chuckle) You just gotta be a step ahead, that's really what it is.


RSN Hammer: Do you guys actually call set plays? I always thought you kinda went with whatever the defense gave you.


Rolo: Yeah, but there are still different formations and different plays. You know, you need to have at least 10 to 20 solid plays that you can run, then you can read off it that way, but you still need a little variation.


RSN Hammer: So June is a genius at this?


Rolo: I believe he is.


RSN Hammer: I think the NFL lost a great talent when he came here.


Rolo: I think that not too many people know how to run it properly and teach it properly, so that's why I think the NFL is such a copycat league and everyone kinda does what everyone else does.


RSN Hammer: Well, it's all about money.


Rolo: It is all about money but you still gotta make plays and have the right plays called. I'll miss dearly playing for June, one of the probably greatest experiences of my life.


RSN Hammer: If no June you wouldn't have come?


Rolo: No, I wouldn't have, probably.


RSN Hammer: If Fred Von Appen, no way huh?


Rolo: No, I don't' think so.


RSN Hammer: You think Jack is interested in coming? (Jack is Nick's younger brother who is also a quarterback and will graduate from high school in 2003)


Rolo: Aaaa, I know he wants to throw the ball. It's all going to come down to timing and different situations in different places for him.


RSN Hammer: How's your arm after throwing so many passes?


Rolo: Aaaa, I love it.


RSN Hammer: Your arm's not tired?


Rolo: Naaah. I'm lucky I don't really get a tired arm too often.


RSN Hammer: You throw 50 times in a game, kinda arm weary but it must be kinda fun?


Rolo: It sure is, once you get it down and everyone gets it down.


RSN Hammer: Man, that BYU game was something.


Rolo: Aaaa, something everyone talks about … the whole mainland is talking about it.


RSN Hammer: They still talk about it?


Rolo: Oh yeah … "How in the world did you guys do that?" (Nick saying it with so much expression)


RSN Hammer: Really yeah. Started with good old Chad Owens.


Rolo: Yup


RSN Hammer: He's not that fast straight on, but he's real quick.


Rolo: He's very quick and reads real well.


RSN Hammer: I still remember that tackle after that interception and when you dove for that loose ball. That showed a lot of heart and spunk. I know where you get that heart and spunk from: your mom.


Rolo: She sure does. Hey, gonna get back to the game.


RSN Hammer: Hey, thanks so much Nick. Keep up the good work you and Ashley. Hope to catch you when you get back to Honolulu. Take care and thanks again.


Rolo: Aloha!!!

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