Cup Choy: Directions? I'll give you directions

Danny Cup Choy explains that he didn't mean any harm when he gave Kurt Rambis directions to the restroom recently.

Directions? This writer will get you there, wherever that is


By Danny Cup Choy

RSN Writer

Monday, June 3, 2002


Growing up in Kailua, Oahu, it is almost a requirement for kids to play sports.


My childhood was no different from those who lived in my neighborhood; I played soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. When I was not playing sports, I was busy following the teams and athletes that I wanted to emulate. If I was not at Aloha Stadium watching the home team go to battle against BYU, then I was at home reading the daily sports page while watching Magic and the Lakers contend for the NBA championship. Sports were my life, and it sparked a passion that has continued throughout my life.


My passion for sports carried over into high school as well. At Kamehameha, I participated in varsity tennis for four years while still playing other sports in outside leagues. I also enjoyed some time as a writer for my school newspaper. My supervisor tried to steer me away from writing sports articles in order to broaden my horizons, but whenever a deadline was sneaking up on me, I knew that I needed to return to my comfort zone. High school, like my childhood, was defined by being a part of the sports world.


After graduation, I hopped upon a Hawaiian Airlines jet and embarked on my journey at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. While the location has changed, my love for sports has remained steadfast. Competitive high school sports have changed into equally competitive intramural sports. I spend a lot of free time participating in football and basketball leagues with fellow students at Loyola Marymount. My job with promotions in the LMU athletic department has allowed me to meet many athletes I grew up watching during my teenage years in Kailua. Talking to athletes like Patrick Ewing, Ray Allen, Lisa Leslie and Maurice Greene have been unforgettable experiences.


One athlete who will never forget his encounter with me is Kurt Rambis, former Laker forward and current Laker assistant coach. Mr. Rambis approached me to ask what I thought was a common question: Where is the restroom? After making the walk across the arena lobby, he returned to inform me that he wanted directions to the pressroom, not the rest room. Two very similar words, but two totally different locations that created a special memory for the two of us. Every time he returns to campus, my co-workers and I have a smile. Sports bring smiles to the faces of millions, and that is what makes the memories so special.


(Editor's note: Danny Cup Choy, a.k.a. KoBe on the RSN message board, is now a writer for this site.)

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