Coach Jones bans mopeds during the season

After yet another injury, Coach Jones disallows the use of mopeds during the season.

Jones decides to ban mopeds during the season

By Danny Cup Choy

RSN Writer

Monday, July 8 2002 

The coach had finally seen enough. After years of seeing players fall victim to moped accidents, Coach June Jones instructed his UH football players that they are banned from riding the motorized scooters during the season.

This announcement followed the discouraging news that junior WR Mark Tate will miss the start of the 2002 season because of an injury that occurred while riding a moped. Tate, who is one of the quickest players on the team, was expected to challenge for a starting spot at WR for the upcoming season.

Over the past couple years, the list of players who were hurt because of dangerous motor vehicles has grown. Players like Nick Rolovich, Brett Clowers, Lui Fuga, and Travis Laboy have all been hurt on mopeds while Nate Jackson was hurt in a motorcycle accident. Laboy was forced to miss camp last year due to his injury, and Jackson had to valiantly play through pain in his leg for a good portion of the season. Jones felt the need to put an end to these unnecessary injuries.

"I wouldn't do this unless there was a problem," Jones told "In the last few years, we've had a lot of moped accidents. We had to do something."

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