Neighbor island fans upset about PPV

The agreement between K5 and UH to broadcast games live, but at a price, has angered some loyal UH supporters.

Outer islanders upset about PPV

 By Danny Cup Choy

RSN Writer

Friday, July 12 2002

As is true with everything in life, there are some winners and some losers.  With the newly created PPV option, fans on Oahu will finally get the opportunity to watch UH football games live, for a price of $12.95 per game.  However, neighbor island fans who were once able to watch live broadcasts of UH games without any fee will now be charged $5 a game (or $25 for all seven home games).

"I think it's a bad mistake," former Rainbow football player Harold Naumu told The Honolulu Star-Bulletin.  "People on the neighbor islands will be resentful.  Everybody I talk to feels the same way."

Fiscally, UH hopes that PPV will help them come out of their current deficit.  While it is understandable that neighbor island fans are upset that they now have to pay to watch football, in times of need, everyone needs to do their part.  For $25, fans can get together with a group of friends and watch UH games live every Saturday night, while still helping the program return to the black.  This sacrifice is not too much to ask in order to help the University of Hawaii athletic program make more money, which will in turn improve the quality of the product for the fans.   

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