UH coaches talk about ban on mopeds

Hawaii coaches Mike Trapasso and Mike Wilton talk to RSN about the recent ban on mopeds for UH football players. Would they do the same?

   Other UH coaches agree with the Coach Jones moped decision

By Danny Cup Choy

 RSN Writer

Friday, July 12 2002


You can see both sides of the coin. On one side, you have the athletes who use mopeds out of convenience more than recreation. After a long early morning practice, a moped can take a weary athlete to class without the hassle of having to walk. Players can quickly make it to their classes on time and without having to expend the energy that was depleted after a hard practice. And besides, everyone else on campus is allowed to use the mopeds, so why are athletes being restricted from riding the motorized scooters?

The coaches know this, and they truly sympathize with their players. However, it all comes down to safety for the coaches at University of Hawaii. Head baseball coach Mike Trapasso says it is only done for the safety of the player.

"If we ever had a couple of our guys hurt in a year like Coach Jones, we would have to seriously consider a ban on mopeds," Coach Trapasso said. "It is always a concern when it comes to player's safety. Fortunately, our numbers are not as high as the numbers for Coach Jones. I agree with his decision and understand why he did it. Safety is the first concern."

Men's volleyball coach Mike Wilton echoed those sentiments.

"Coaches don't like their players to get hurt," Wilton said.

When asked if he would ever place a ban on mopeds for his players, Wilton was unsure.

"At this time, I don't think so," Wilton said in response to a possible ban on mopeds for his volleyball team.

Like Coach Trapasso, Coach Wilton believes that the decision by Coach Jones was the correct one.

"You've got to credit a coach for being concerned about his players."

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