FieldTurf approved, but installation is delayed

Officals finally agreed to make FieldTurf the new surface at Aloha Stadium, but we will have to wait a little while longer.

 FieldTurf approved, but installation is delayed

 By Danny Cup Choy

RSN Writer

Tuesday, July 16 2002

Finally, after what has seemed like endless planning and negotiations, Aloha Stadium will replace their current AstroTurf with FieldTurf.  However, the new turf will be installed during the five-week period between the Hawaii Bowl and the Pro Bowl.

"Officials at FieldTurf have assured me that they will be able to complete the installation of the new field during the approximately five-week window between the Hawaii Bowl and the Pro Bowl," Gov. Ben Cayetano told The Honolulu Advertiser.  "This additional time will give everyone the opportunity to ensure that the installation is done right."

While it would have been ideal for the surface to be in place at the start of the high school football season, the assurance that it will be installed in time for the NFL Pro Bowl is a tremendous step in keeping the annual all-star game in Hawaii.  Both the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the NFL have stated that they will make significant contributions to the purchase of the new FieldTurf.

While an agreement has been made about replacing the turf, there is still a lot to be done.  FieldTurf CEO John Gilman said that he has yet to begin drafting a contract.

"We can't give anyone a price yet," Gilman told The Honolulu Advertiser.  "We haven't even gotten to writing a contract.  All this hype about getting started and we're a long way from it.  That's why this whole issue about getting it in by that date was crazy.  Everybody's asking me when we're going to do it.  Well, somebody give me a contract."

So while the decision to install new turf is a giant step toward the final goal, there are still a lot of issues that need to be worked out.  As always, stay tuned…

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