Quarry Report: Opening day of Fall Camp

Hallelujah, fall camp has begun!

Quarry Report

New-look fields welcome

Hawaii Warriors of 2002

By Paul Honda

RSN Writer

Saturday, Aug. 10, 2002


HONOLULU – The field was lined differently.


A crowd of about 100 – large by normal standards – endured a virtually breezeless day in the high 80s.


And on the opening day of fall practice, the University of Hawaii Warriors were in "shells," just helmets and shoulder pads.


But for the Warriors and their leader, getting back to work on the field was Exciting Day No. 1. Hawaii's man in black, head coach June Jones, was as eager to build another winning team as ever.



Staying cool in the heat at 11:40 a.m. despite his usual garb of black sweats, Jones took every question the media had to ask, and then some.


Question: "Coach, it was the first day. How did it look?"


JJ: "Aaah, you know, it looked like a normal first day. Aahh, I thought the defense was very sharp. We've been working hard and, uh, I think we're going to be better on defense. Offensively, we still, you know, we've just got to do things correctly. It's the first day and we got through it. Hopefully, we'll be injury free through the fall camp here, line up with everyone here for the first ballgame."


Q: "From what you saw, did these guys do what they needed to do in the off-season to get ready for the season?"


JJ: "Very much so. Uh, we have our conditioning tests tomorrow as part of one of our practices, and I think it'll prove out that most everybody has returned in good shape, uh, you know. Right now, we're asking different things of different people and, uh, so, you know, uh, everybody's gotta try and just find their role and see what's gonna help the team most. So that's kind of where we're at right now."


Q: "I know day one's rule was no contact. It seemed like it was kind of hard for them to hold back."


JJ: "Um, yeah, it – like I said, it was a normal first day of practice. We have always worn shoulder pads and helmets. We don't tackle. You know, I think that, in particular, in the front seven, there's always some contact."


Q: "It's obvious there was a lot of interest in the number of people who came out to watch."


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