Football: June Jones Press Conference

After a resounding victory over Nevada, spirits are high. Injuries, however, are keeping the Warriors grounded to a point.

June Jones
Press Conference

Win over
Nevada was costly

By Paul Honda
Senior Writer
Monday, Oct. 14, 2002

A resounding 59-34 win over
Nevada was precisely what the doctor ordered.

But no doctor would have been happy about
Hawaii's M*A*S*H unit of fallen Warriors. Among the more pivotal injuries: Chad Owens' partially torn medial collateral ligament in the right knee.

Jones talked about injuries during Monday's mid-day press conference at
Stan Sheriff Center. "Chad, as you know, is pretty bad. I don't know, maybe it will be about a month for him. (Running back) Michael Brewster is on crutches today and just the way he was walking today I would say he wouldn't play this week, but who knows," the fourth-year UH head coach said.

Even quarterback Tim Chang, who completed 19 of 31 passes for 381 yards, was a near-scratch at game time because of a staph infection.

"Timmy, I wasn't sure he was even going to play in the game. We had to IV him before the game and had been taking shots two days prior. During the game it swelled up and he couldn't bend it," said Jones, a former NFL quarterback and head coach.

"And Kenny Patton is the same thing. He missed three or four days with staff infection from the turf burn. Chad Kalilimoku missed the game last week because of the staff infection."

Jones, who didn't mention it today, did complain vehemently Saturday night during the radio post-game show. Old or new, the Aloha Stadium AstroTurf does zero good for athletes.

Britton Komine, the former Pac-Five wide receiver, was another talking point. "
It was a combination of everybody doing their job. There are some really good technique things that go unnoticed like Britton Komine's first touchdown. He did what he was taught to do on getting away from cover two corner," said Jones, the nation's foremost devotee of the Run and Shoot philosophy.

"He took it from the practice field to the game and it was good to see. We felt Britton was one of our better players. He just never had the opportunity to get in there. We said all through training camp that he was doing some of the things better than some of the starters were, but we just had to find the time to do it and he got his chance and won't look back. We gave him a scholarship a few weeks ago," Jones said.

"A lot of people have stepped up. Jeremiah Cockheran had a very good game even though he only caught two balls. Omar (Bennett) came in and did a nice job. Timmy and Shawn (Withy-Allen) both played real well also. All the running backs played well so it's all positive," Jones said.

"You need to remember too that a lot of these guys are walk-ons."

Jones also praised the offensive line.

"After looking at the tape, I thought, offensively that's probably the best we've played from the offensive line standpoint. We played very physical and aggressive. I think we maybe had one assignment error on the play that (quarterback) Timmy (Chang) got hit," he said.

"That happens but they played really smart and really physical. It was good to get everybody in the game. It was a positive game for us, but to get to where we want to be, we still have to play better defense than what we showed," Jones said of a defense that slowed, but didn't always stop the previously top-ranked offense in the WAC.

"The guys are playing hard and we're getting closer and I was really pleased with some the back end stuff that I saw. We just need to cover the run gaps a little better because some of the teams that we're playing down the road can really run the football."

Quotes provided by University of Hawaii Media Relations office.

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