Hall-O-Warriors: Player panel's casting call

Trick or treating is not so far removed from the youthful Hawaii Warriors. Kalani Wilhelm recruited several Warriors to cast their teammates in potential Halloween garb.


By Kalani Wilhelm
Special to RSN
Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002

Warrior players Timmy Chang, Nate Ilaoa, Vince Manuwai, Keith Bhonapha and Lui Fuata were willing to be a part of HSN's expert panel on what some of their teammates should be for Halloween.

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween from Rainbow Sports Network.




Keith Bhonapha, Tim Chang, Lui Fuata, Nate Ilaoa, Vince Manuwai




Timmy Chang 


Chang: "Dressed in all black, ninja masked tied up, sword in the back. When I was little I just liked being sneaky."

Chris Brown

Val Venis (former WWE wrestler)

Manuwai: "All the girls liked Val Venis."

Pisa Tinoisamoa        

The Irritating Tick      

Chang: "He would always be around your ear area just pestering you, bothering you."

Travis LaBoy


Jackson: "He looks like Arnold in the Commando

Coach Mike Cavanaugh   

Grumpy Smurf

Manuwai: "Because Cav's short. The o-line would paint him green though."

Justin Colbert

The Burglar

Bhonapha: "Justin's little and just looks like a little thief."

Coach Mike Singletary

Professor Klump

Jackson: "His personality that's all I can say."

Michael Brewster


Ilaoa: "Look at him. He looks like Alf."

Matt Wright

Go-Go Dancer

Bhonapha: "He would be wearing glitter all over, hot pink shades, tight shorts and a halter top."

Matt Manuma 


Jackson: Matt has the long hair and that Spanish look."

Abraham Eliminian

Penitentiary Warden

Bhonapha: "Because he's always so serious. He never jokes around."

Nate Ilaoa

Nasty Nate

Ilaoa: "His name is Nasty and they call me nasty too."

Kelvin Millhouse

The Mad Scientist

Bhonapha: "He's a daydreamer. He thinks of a lot of ideas like a whacky scientist."

Jason Wheldon


Chang: "I don't really know. Everyone calls him Goldmember."

Uriah Moenoa

The Joker

Fuata: "Uriah always tells jokes and does
practical jokes on people."

Wayne Hunter

The Terminator

Fuata: "He's funny, but he can get serious.
Wayne always thinks of one-liners like Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Shayne Kajioka


Fuata: "We always rag him about looking like Shrek. He already won the team Shrek look-a-like award."

Lui Fuata 

The L Man

Manuwai: "He would wear a Superman costume with a big ‘L' on his chest."


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