Off the court with Lily Kahumoku

The Junior outside hitter sits down with RSN and discusses a wide range of subjects from her new blonde hair to the Olympics and beyond.



Lily Kahumoku is eclectic. The junior outside hitter is also elusive. I had been trying for weeks to get Kahumoku to sit down and do a question and answer session with RSN. When the team was in Texas, there just wasn't enough time. On the Reno and Boise trips, the timing just wasn't right. Finally, at the Holiday Inn Airport in Fresno a few hours before the UH/Fresno State match, Kahumoku was ready to sit down and reveal her thoughts on a wide range of subjects from her blonde hair to her plans beyond the volleyball court.


RSN- What's up with the blonde hair?

Lily Kahumoku- Well, when it comes to drastic measures I usually keep my promise. I said I was going to leave (UH last season), I left, I said I was going to dye my hair blonde, I dyed my hair blonde. (This) as a result of , not a bet, but just saying that if certain circumstances happened that I would dye my hair blonde and they happened.


RSN- Can you reveal what those circumstances were?

LK- No….I cannot.


RSN- Do you like being a blonde?

LK- I'm over it. I wanna change it now. I don't know how I feel about it. Every time I look in the mirror its like, who's that? It's like, yikes! I forget that I have blonde hair and that when I walk around people are like, looking at me funny. I'm like, what the hell are you looking at? What's wrong with you? And their like "you're blonde". Oh yeah, I am blonde.


RSN- Are you surprised by all the attention it seems to have gotten?

LK- I don't understand why everyone cares so much. It's trivial. It's not permanent. It's temporary. It's different. I just wanted to be different. Maybe in three weeks I might be a brunette, maybe a redhead. We'll see, you know, I just felt like a change, that's all.


RSN- Any chance of you cutting your hair?

LK- No!


RSN- OK, on to a more serious subject and that's volleyball. How much did the year off help your game?

LK- Had I not taken that time off I don't know if I would be able to finish my collegiate career. I needed a break physically. My situation with my back, my wrist, just nagging injuries, chronic injuries have kind of needed that break and needed that rest. My body has been able to take that time and heel itself so I'm much stronger now then when I left.


RSN- What did you do to keep yourself in shape during the year break?

LK- I ran a lot. I didn't realize how much I ran, but I ran every single day. When I came back I was like 155 pounds… at 6 foot 2 is pretty pinner. I ran and walked a lot.


RSN- It looks like the year off has been good for you. You look energized and even a better all-around player then two season's ago when you were a first team all-America?

LK- I think the experience playing with National team helped me a lot as far as skills go. Then coming back and wanting to get back into volleyball shape and playing, it was different. A year ago I could walk away and say if I never play volleyball again I have no problem with it. Now, it's the same, but I enjoy it, I love it, I wanna do it, I'm happy here. I had gotten to the point where my body was so trashed, so many things were going on, that I didn't want to have anything to do with volleyball.


RSN- When you were away did you miss Hawaii?

Editor's note- Kahumoku left Hawaii and spent parts of her time in Alabama and Florida during the year break.

LK- Oh Yeah! It's like my oxygen. I needed to be back in Hawaii. I belong in Hawaii. I can't picture myself being anywhere else permanently. I missed it a lot. I missed the weather, the scenery, the people, mostly the people.


RSN- Growing up in a military family you have lived all over the country. What was it like having to pick up and move every few years?

LK- It's the story of my life. I'm a Gypsy. I don't have a permanent residence. If I were to settle down in Hawaii, I'd probably move all the time. I can't stay put anywhere. I'm use to moving around and going places. I had been in Hawaii for four y

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