Catching up with UH DB Loyce Means

Houston Senior DB Loyce Means intercepted Tulane twice, one for a TD on the Cougars win.

DD - Loyce, tell us about those two interception to ice the Tulane win.
LM - The two interceptions were critical and we needed that momentum, but it was not all me we had some great pressure by Sammy Brown, he made their quarterback throw two balls early, I just capitalized on the bad throws.

DD - Was that your first Pick 6 as a Cougar?
LM - No, I had a pick six in 2008 against Tulsa for 69 yards.

DD - Tell us about our new defensive package and the differences from past years.
LM - The difference between the new defense and the old defense is it is more of a pro type. A lot of NFL teams run a 3 for defense and it creates more pressure with 2 stand up defensive ends who are said to be linebackers.

DD - Tell us a little about Coach Stewart?
LM - Coach Stewart is a great coach he had passion for the game and really knows how to get the best game out of the majority of the players.

DD - What type of coverage do you like best (press/man or zone)?
LM - I'm aggressive, so I like man to man.

DD - If you could play another position what would it be and why?
LM - I would play receiver because I have great hands and I used to play db so i know what my opponent is thinking (laughing out loud).

DD - Have we looked at Mississippi State film yet? What are they showing?
LM - Yes, they are a powerhouse football team and are looking to run between the tackles. They have a lot of different personnel.

DD - Who is stepping up to fill Case's role as a leader and what form that's taking?
LM - The whole team is stepping up to fill the void. Individually, we all have to be at our max and the defense really has to be aggressive.

DD – Who are the most impressive freshmen/newcomer(s) on the team?
LM - Terrance Broadway and Zach MacMillian.

DD - I understand that your studies are important to you and that you have made the C-USA Honor Roll in the past, tell us more about that? What is he studying and how is he doing?
LM - Yes! That is correct. I really take school serious and put a lot of work into it. I study everyday after practice so that I can get good grades. When I was in Jr. High, I made all A's without trying, I was just trying to pass to play football and I had seen the look on my mothers face and how she was so proud of me (others as well) from that point on I was serious about school.

DD - Now that you a senior, how has your time been here at the University of Houston?
LM - My time has been great here at the University of Houston. I really appreciate the opportunity to compete in football and be able to get an education.

DD - What are your plans after graduation? Football, something else?
LM - I will try out for the league and if all fails, I will work in the business industry. When I have enough income and credit, I want to open up my own clothing and shoe store.

DD - Do you read
LM – Sometimes, when i have the time

DD - Is there anything that you would like to tell the CoogFans out there?
LM - I appreciate the support. GO COOGS!!!!

Loyce, thank you for your time. Great game versus Tulane and have a fantastic remainder of the season knowing that all Cougar fans are behind you and our team.

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