On the Line with Isaiah Thompson

CoogFans interviews UH Senior OL Isaiah Thompson prior to the Mississippi State game this weekend at Robertson Stadium on the UH campus.

CoogFans interviews UH Senior OL Isaiah Thompson prior to the Mississippi State game this weekend at Robertson Stadium on the UH campus.

Q – The Tulane game seemed to be one of two very different halves. How is it that the OL was taking a whipping in the second half after playing well in the first half?
IT – Well, a lot of stuff has gone down recently as far as losing Case Keenum and Cotton Turner and then starting a true freshman at QB. Our timing and rhythm were off and we just did not come out jacked up like we were at the beginning of the game. We didn't have the same spark, we need to be more consistent.

Q – With so many QBs in the line up this season, has there been any confusion with snap counts?
IT – There can be, but we do a good job of telling them to relax and to make the calls loud enough so that everyone can hear them. We encourage them to just relax and do what they do. I feel like every guy on this team was brought in for a reason, they brought them in because they know that they can make the plays. I trust our coaches to know that they are not going to put someone that can't go out there and get the job done.

Q – You blocked for Bryce Beall in high school at Tatum winning a state championship, what is it like blocking for him again?
IT – It is great. It is good to know that I have a very good back behind me that will take advantage of my blocks. It is very relaxing to know that he will make the most of our blocking.

Q – Do you miss playing on the defensive side of the ball?
IT – A little. It is fun chasing QBs and RBs around. I do feel though that this was best for the team and me as well for the future and right now. It should be a very good move for my future in football.

Q – Tell us about the two freshman QBs.
IT – They are both young, but I've noticed that they are both very dedicated, hard workers that are learning the system quickly.

Q – Tell us about their personalities.
IT – As far as their personalities, well, Terrance Broadway is quieter than David Piland, he is more relaxed and chill. Piland, he is a fired-up kind of dude.

Q – Are you confident in both Broadway and Piland?
IT – Oh yeah.

Q – How was Case in comparison?
IT – Case is the best of both worlds. Off the field he is very laid back, but on the field he is fired-up, a leader. The two young guys will mature year by year and will be very good for this program.

Q – Will the new game plan keep the QB in the pocket?
IT – Well, I think that coach will probably discourage them from running because he doesn't want them getting hit. Obviously, we are short at that position right now. Those guys can get out and go with the best of them, but we don't want anything happening to them either.

Q – Is it easier to block for a guy that stays in the pocket?
IT – I really don't think about that when I'm out there. I have a job to do so I just go out there and do it. We just try to keep those guys in front of us and off our QB.

Q – Are the QBs instructed to stay in the pocket until the last minute?
IT – I'm not really sure. They have their meeting in which the coaches tell them what to do.

Q – It seemed like in the Tulane game that Broadway was holding his position just a little too long. It might have been just his being a freshman.
IT – I'm not exactly sure what the reason might have been. The bye week has been very helpful in that the two young QBs could get the extra work in necessary. This gave them more time to really learn even more about our offense and to get comfortable in the system. With more reps it will become second nature for them.

Q – Tell us about what you have seen of Mississippi State on film?
IT – These guys are really good on defense. They have a very good front. It will be interesting to get out there and play with these guys, it will be fun and a battle. They love to blitz and come after you.

Q – Do you feel like we will need to establish the run early?
IT – It is always a good thing to be able to run the ball. If you can run the football then generally you are going to have a good offense. We will learn more about the game plan today (Tuesday).

Q – This past weekend Tulane beat Rutgers telling us that they are a little better than many of us had thought. Give us an idea on how they might compare to UCLA and Mississippi Stare.
IT – Tulane was not a bad team. UCLA was big and fast, they had their backs against the wall and did what they had to do, They came out and hit us in the mouth, they responded as any good team would in their position. As far as Mississippi State, as I said earlier, they are a good, big and aggressive SEC team. They are going to hit you hard. We realize what kind of team they are and are prepared for it.

Thank you Isaiah for your insights and time. We wish you and the team the best this weekend and for the remainder of the season.

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