Perry McDaniel Interview

"It's a great opportunity for anyone to play for Coach Briles. I feel very lucky and blessed to be apart of his team. I've heard nothing but good things about the teams he has coached throughout his career. He knows a lot about taking a program and turning it around for the better. He knows how to treat his players and make them feel comfortable." - Perry McDaniel

Well, here is another West Texas connection to Houston Cougar Football. Although Perry is not a native Texan he has become comfortable here and as you all will soon know my friend Caliche is claiming him as part of the WTM.

RL - Perry, tell me about yourself. Are you a native of West Texas?
PMcD - My name is Perry McDaniel, I'm 17 years old. I was born in Gainesville, Florida, I moved to Lubbock about eight years a go. I also run track at Frenship and I played baseball up until this year. Any free time I have, I like to play video games and just hang out with friends.

DD – Perry, tell us about your Frenship HS team and this past season.
PMcD - I played WR, CB, and KR at Frenship High School in Wolfforth right outside of Lubbock. We had lots of experience and speed this year but not too much size. We went undefeated in the regular season and lost in the quarterfinals to the Brownwood Lions. We have made it to at least the State Quarterfinals the last three years and i was very fortunate to be apart of the program.

DD - Tell us about Head Football Coach Bobby Davis.
PMcD - Coach Bobby Davis is legendary throughout Texas. He's been around for a while and at Frenship for about 20 years, I think. Since being there, he has stuck with most of the same staff. They work well together and definitely know how to get the most out of their athletes. The records of the recent seasons say a lot.

DD - What team and what player did you find to be the most challenging?
PMcD - This year, Brownwood's team and their tailback, Freddy Stoglin were tough to bring down. Their team was stacked with great athletes, starters and reserves, they were solid. Stoglin has great speed, strength, and size and had a big impact on our game in the quarterfinals. They were a great team and much better than their record indicated I think.

DD - Tell us about your recruitment. What other schools recruited you? Who recruited you for UH and how did that develop?
PMcD - I got mail from many different schools throughout the year, but nothing really serious at the end besides Eastern NM, West Texas A&M, Angelo State, Morehead State, Wofford. Coach Briles talked to me a little throughout the year when he was at Tech. When he got to Houston, I talked to him more, and he called and we talked more and more when signing day was approaching. He told me to come down and visit to see how I liked it, so I did. I was really pleased about everything there and I had no complaints about anything. I really look forward to playing football at the University of Houston.

DD - It must be a thrill to be part of Coach Briles' first class, how does it feel?
PMcD - It's a great opportunity for anyone to play for Coach Briles. I feel very lucky and blessed to be apart of his team. I've heard nothing but good things about the teams he has coached throughout his career. He knows a lot about taking a program and turning it around for the better. He knows how to treat his players and make them feel comfortable. I've talked to some of the players and coaches and they say he gets the most out of you always, whether on the field or in the weightroom. He's full of energy and motivation and makes players want to get better. I think everything is starting to turn around for the football program. I'm really excited to get down there and be apart of the new Houston dynasty that is being created.

RL - Tell me about your family.
PMcD - I live with my two parents, Bob and Jodi. My sister is a freshman at Texas Tech aspiring to be a Kindergarten teacher. I have two dogs.

RL - What did you like about living in West Texas?
PMcD - What I like most about West Texas is that it's a good size. Lubbock is a decently big city with a lot of high schools in the area. And I go to school in Wolfforth which is a town of about 2,000, so its a little bit of both worlds. Not too big, not too small. Lubbock is a great sports town for everything- whether its football, basketball, or baseball. There is a lot of history and tradition with schools around west Texas. It's a great area to grow up in.

DD - What was attractive to you about coming to UH?
PMcD - There are a lot of things that Houston has to offer, both the town and the school. The city is huge and it will be a great experience being from a much smaller one. The school is a great place to earn a degree and to take the next step in life and move towards whatever career I choose. The football program is turning around and it's appealing to be apart of that. I like everything about the players and coaches I have met and everyone is down to earth and wanting to get better. It just seems like a positive environment and a great program to be in.

DD - What was your recruiting visit like, what took place?
PMcD - My visit was really nice. The coaching staff and other people involved really put a lot of effort into all of the recruits visits. You can tell that everyone has a lot of class and respect for one another. We toured the campus and athletic facilities and ate at some really nice restaurants. We met some of the players and they showed us around town a little bit. Everyone I met and talked to was excited about the football program and how it was changing. The things they put together for us were all organized and done with class. It was a really good experience to go down there and get to know about everything.

RL - What was your impression of Houston?
PMcD - I really enjoyed myself on my visit to Houston. It's a huge city, but i don't think it would be hard to get accustomed to. There are a lot of things to do. The UH facilities were great. The Alumni Center is great for all of the student athletes and there new activity center is nice for all of the students wanting to stay in shape or just have fun. All of the facilities are top of the line and are located in good areas. Things are all easy to get to on campus.

RL - What was it that made you want to become a Houston Cougar?
PMcD - I wanted to become a Houston Cougar for many reasons. Coach Briles is a great coach and has turned programs around everywhere he has been. He is a legendary coach in Texas and is respected by everyone he meets. He is a players coach. He also likes the spread offense which fits my position and gives the receivers a lot of chances to make big plays. It is a great opportunity to extend my playing days. I think its every athletes dream to play D1 football and after seeing everything at the University of Houston, it just made me want to go to there more. Meeting the players and hanging out a little bit and talking with them about the school and football programs sold me on going.

DD - Do you want to play right away or would you prefer to redshirt?
PMcD - It doesn't really matter to me. I think I might benefit if I redshirted just from what I've been told by players. I would have a season to learn the system and develop a little more and work on speed and strength. But, really I dont care, to be honest. It would be up to the coaching staff on whether or not I should.

DD - What are your current physical attributes (height, weight, 40-time)?
PMcD - 5'9" 170, 4.5

RL - What will you miss about West Texas?
PMcD - There are a lot of things I'll miss about Frenship just like everyone who leaves their high school and hometown. It will be hard leaving friends behind that I've known for so long. I will have to adjust to college life and meet a lot of new people. My family will be back here in Lubbock and that is about 9 hours away so that will be tough also. No more Friday night lights either. It wont be like it was through high school where everyone in the town knew who you were because you played football.

RL - Can you tell other West Texans why they should consider attending UH?
PMcD - People from West Texas should attend UH because its a good experience in life for a lot of reasons. It is one of the most diverse schools in the nation, lots of people to meet, lots of other schools in the area, and its located in a huge city that has a lot to offer and things to do and see. I have already talked to quite a few of my friends who want to go play baseball or transfer there to school in a couple years.

DD - What do you plan to study at UH?
PMcD - I'm not really sure. Maybe Kinesiology- Sports Administration.

DD - Do you have anything that you would like to tell the CoogFans out there?
PMcD - I just want to say that I'm really excited to be apart of the Cougar family. I can't wait to get to Houston and start working out with the team. Things will start turning around for the football program soon. Everyone should expect a change and give all the support they can.

Perry, thank you for letting the CoogFans get to know a little about you.

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