Andrew Francis Interview

"Everyone is looking forward to next season. They know next year will be different and are working hard now so it pays off next season. We'll be ready. " - Andrew Francis

SK - Hi Andrew, how's it going?
AF - Good! I'm doing well.

SK - What have you been up to since basketball season ended?
AF - Spending a lot of time working out and working on my game.

SK - What type of stuff are you working on?
AF - Drills for ball-handling, shooting, defense, etc.

SK - How's school going?
AF - School's fine. It's easy now that it's almost over.

SK - When do you plan on enrolling at UH?
AF - The first summer session. At that time I'll move on campus and be able to spend the whole summer working out with the team.

SK - Are you going to live at Cullen Oaks?
AF - Yes, it's really nice there. Very impressive.

SK - Do you know who your roommate will be yet?
AF - No, not yet. Hopefully it will be one of the other freshmen coming in. Maybe it will be Lanny.

SK - Let's talk about this past basketball season. I know you spent the whole year playing out of position. How did that go?
AF - It was frustrating this year. I played way out of position with my back to the basket. I couldn't change that though so I just had to deal with it.

SK - Do you think the experience will help you down the road?
AF - I'm still sort of upset about it but it humbled me. I'd like to think it made me more versatile and I think it will help me as a player down the line. Not good short term but good in the long run.

SK - Having watched you play, it seems your style is to break down the defense and then find the open man or create your shot. Is that right?
AF - Yes, that's pretty much the main part of my game. Take guy's off the dribble and dish or get to the basket.

SK - The book on you has been very good ballhandler, slasher, finisher at the rim but not a good shooter. Is that a fair assessment?
AF - At the beginning of the year my shot really wasn't going but as we got to the middle and then the end of the year it was with me more. As time goes on I'll be a better shooter.

SK - Is it about confidence?
AF - Yes, a large part of it is just taking the shot when it's there and having confidence that I'll hit it. I continued to gain confidence in my shooting as the year progressed.

SK - What are your goals for next season?
AF - To help out wherever I can. Coach says rebounding will be a weak area next year so I'll have to come in and provide some help on the boards. Also, put some points up since we didn't score as much as we needed to this past season. Whatever I can do to help I'll do. I want to bring UH back to where it used to be.

SK - What did you think of this past season of UH basketball?
AF - I had a feeling it would be a tough year for them. When I committed to UH I knew what I was getting into. I never had any doubts or regrets about my decision. I think we'll be very much improved next year based on the players returning and the talented players we have coming in. The bench will be deeper and I think the scoring should be spread out. Having played some pickup games with the other players these last few weeks it seems the older guys trust Lanny and me a lot. We already have a pretty good chemistry.

SK - How do the other players feel about next year?
AF - Everyone is looking forward to next season. They know next year will be different and are working hard now so it pays off next season. We'll be ready.

SK - Do you think they'll put the ball in Lanny Smith's hands right away?
AF - Definitely! He is a great point guard who will do a great job running our team.

SK - I noticed in your last game of the year (Hastings in the playoffs) that you had your thumb and wrist wrapped. Are you okay?
AF - Yes, I'm fine. I had a hairline fracture in my thumb but it's healed and there are no ill effects.

SK - Was it something they had to operate on or anything?
AF - No, it just had to heal on it's own. It's fine now.

SK - It's not mentioned but you are a pretty good defender.
AF - I take a lot of pride in my defense. I feel like you can't have a good game unless you work hard defensively. Anybody can score points but keeping your man from going off is very important as well. I take it personally.

Thank you for the interview Andrew. Best of luck with the end of the school year and we look forward to seeing you here during the summer!


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