Meet WR Bennie Swain

"Coach Briles is the best head coach I have ever met. When I talk with him I feel as if I am talking to my dad. We both have the desire to turn the program around and win." - Bennie Swain

WR Bennie Swain of Houston Madison, a consensus state top 100 selection, gives us his views on his recruitment and his plans for being an integral part of the Houston Cougar's future.

DD - Bennie, tell us about your Madison HS team and this past season.
BS - Our past season was a good one, but couldn't compare to our season in 2001. We still had good players, but most of the team was young. We lost nine offensive starters. The offense was the backbone in 2001. We weren't as productive as we should have been mainly because we had a young offense.

DD - How did this past seasons team deal with the loss of Vincent Young?
BS - Losing Vincent Young was very big for us. The QB we had this year was good, but couldn't really compare to Vincent with the type of things that Vincent did. He did things that average quarterbacks wouldn't do. He was the backbone of our team.

DD - Tell us about Madison Head Football Coach Ray Seals.
BS - Coach Ray Seals is a good coach. He knows the game of football very well. That's why we had al ot of success because of his knowledge of the game.

DD - What team and what player did you find to be the most challenging this past season?
BS - North Shore was the most challenging team. I can't think of his name but he is number 25 for Booker T. Washington H.S. His assignment must had been me for that week when we played them, because everywhere I went he was right there, but he couldn't take me out of my game. I still had a great game. He was the only person that came at me with a mission to try to take me out of my game plan.

DD - What other activities/sports do you participate in currently?
BS – None at this time.

DD - What hobbies or other interests do you have?
BS - I like to draw, go to the movies, and eat.

DD - Tell us a little about your family.
BS - I live with my mom, dad, and one brother and two sisters. My mom is a pharmacist. My dad is a school teacher. My brother is 14, and my sisters ten and seven.

DD - Tell us about your recruitment. What other schools recruited you? Who recruited you for UH and how did that develop?
BS – I was recruited by Kansas, Colorado, Purdue, Texas A&M, TCU, Baylor, LSU, Vanderbilt and others. Before coach Dimel was fired, Coach Aych was recruiting me. I liked Coach Aych very much, but when all of them left Coach Phillips took over the recruiting job. I already knew Coach Phillips previously when he was coaching at UH. I met him at the UH combine for the first time. There he informed me that he would be headed to Southwest Texas, but he would still keep in contact with me and that's what he did.

DD - It must be a thrill to be part of Coach Briles first class, how does it feel?
BS - It really is a thrill to be part of his first class. I was also the first to commit to the Cougars when Coach Briles arrived. After I heard so much information about coach Briles and what offense and system he ran, I immediately felt I could be apart of it. Coach Briles is the best head coach I have ever met. When I talk with him I feel as if I am talking to my dad. We both have the desire to turn the program around and win.

DD - Many of the recruiting services feel that you are an immediate impact player, do you want to play right away or would you prefer to redshirt?
BS - I would love to play right away. I am going to work very hard so that I can play as a freshman. If I am physically and mentally ready to play, I think, I will get a shot. I will be ready. Redshirting is not something that I am looking forward to.

DD - What was attractive to you about coming to UH?
BS – Mainly that I would still be at home where my family can come and see me. I found out how much football tradition UH actually had and that was very attractive as well. I already knew about the campus, and everything from my unofficial visits.

DD - What was your recruiting visit like, what took place?
BS - My visit was very fun. The treated all of us players very nicely, they took us out to eat and placed us in a nice hotel. While on the visit I felt like I was a recruiter because I wanted the other to come and get on the band wagon so we can take UH football to the top.

DD - What are your current physical attributes (height, weight, 40-time)?
BS - Height: 6'3", Weight: 185 lbs., 40-time: 4.48

DD - Do you have anything that you would like to tell the CoogFans out there?
BS - Players and coaches are not the only ones that win games, fans are a part of that also. So all CoogFans come on out and support us while we work towards winning a few C-USA Championships.

Bennie, thank you for letting the CoogFans get to know a little about you and it is great to have you as a Houston Cougar.

From left: Bennie Swain, DaVell Lauder, Harold Taylor, Marcus Ross, Gerard Price, Donnie Avery and Jeff Fillmore.

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