UH Receivers Series - Mark Roberts

"Blocking is probably more important than catching the ball. It is all about getting physical and getting your man out of the way." - UH receiver Mark Roberts

RS - Why did you decide to attend the University of Houston?
MR - It is nice program, close to home and when I visited I had a good time. I got to meet people like Patrick Edwards and Case along with some of the other receivers they had here and I liked the spread offense. It just felt like it was home.

RS - What are you majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
MR - I am majoring in business technology and hope to do something with that after school.

RS What position will you be competing for this spring?
MR - I will playing the X, outside receiver.

RS - What are your personal goals this spring and the upcoming season?
MR - Just to get myself ready for next year, work hard and try to achieve some of the same goals they did last season.

RS - How much do you feel it helped you to be able to play as a true freshman heading into next season?
MR - It helped me get comfortable with the pace of the game.

RS - How difficult was it going against high school athletes one season to competing against college players the very next season?
MR - It was a real big difference. It is more disciplined, everyone is physical and you have to know your assignment.

RS - What do you feel like you need to work on the most heading into the spring?
MR - Keeping my pad level low, getting off the ball and being more explosive.

RS - How essential is blocking and how much does our staff emphasize this to the receivers?
MR - Blocking is probably more important than catching the ball. It is all about getting physical and getting your man out of the way.

RS - How difficult has it been learning this offense and being able to play without thinking as much?
MR - When I first got here it was so quick, and you have to learn to calm down and even when you get tired fight through it and still execute your assignment. It was difficult when I first got here.

RS - What are your thoughts on the new staff and what challenges will it present to have a new OC?
MR - It will not be that bad. All the coaches we have here now seem like they know what they are doing and are pretty good coaches. As for having a new OC it is really the same system so I am pretty sure he can come in and we will still play like we have been doing.

RS - Have you had a chance to meet your new receivers coach in Brandon Middleton?
MR - Yes, he is young, energetic, more hands on and likes to demonstrate for us.

RS - Do you have any comments on Coach Levine being the new head coach and what it means for the team?
MR - It gives us an extra push because Coach Levine is energetic and he has been one of my favorite coaches and it is a plus because he is a really good coach.

RS - Is it even more motivating when you see the staff sign such a talented group of receivers on national signing day?
MR - I know we have some good kids coming in, but if you just go out there and work and compete everyday it should not be a problem.

RS - Does it add any more pressure knowing that this is one of the nation's top offenses and will be replacing all four starting receivers?
MR - I feel with the group we have now that we are just as athletic as the last group so we can probably do better than what we did last season.

RS - Having played with such a veteran group of teammates last season were you able to learn from them and is there anyone in particular who has helped your development the most?
MR - From the mental standpoint E.J. Smith always talked to me. From a learning standpoint like routs Patrick Edwards helped the most and he was the one I was playing behind. He would always tell me how to keep my feet right and keep my pad level down.

RS - What is the atmosphere like amongst all the receivers with such competition for all the spots?
MR - We all know we have to get out there and work to maintain a spot or earn a spot, so we already know we have to compete against each other and make one another better.

RS - What do you feel your best attributes are that you will bring to the team next season?
MR - I can do it all. I have speed, hands, I can go catch the deep ball and blocking. Like I said blocking is one of the most important things and I believe I am one of the best blockers of the receivers.

RS - If you were to name a starting four, not including yourself, who would they be?
MR - At the X Gino Collins, inside at the H Ronnie Williams, at the Y Daniel Spencer and at the Z Dewayne Peace.

RS - Are there any final words you would like to say to all the Cougar fans out there?
MR - I am looking forward to next year, come watch us go 14-0.

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