UH Receivers Series - Kenneth Bibbins

"I am still a TE I will just be playing in the slot. We don't have a traditional TE so I will not be tight on the line." - UH receiver Kenneth Bibbins

RS - Why did you decide to attend the University of Houston?
KB - It was close to home and it is juts good to be close to the family. I really fell in love with Coach Levine as my position coach.

RS - What are you majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
KB - Supply chain and logistics and hopefully find a job in the logistics world, which is basically everything.

RS - What position will you be competing for this spring?
KB - The slot receiver the Y.

RS - On the roster they have you listed as a TE?
KB - I am still a TE I will just be playing in the slot. We don't have a traditional TE so I will not be tight on the line.

RS - What attributes to you feel you bring to this position(s) ?
KB - I am a big body with great hands. I feel like I am a play-maker.

RS - What are your personal goals for this spring and the upcoming season?
KB - One is to get on the field and make plays for my team, but also to be more coachable and just have a great season.

RS - What do you feel like you need to work on the most heading into this spring?
KB - Being more consistent in practice, like doing the good things every day not just every other day.

RS - How difficult has it been learning this offense and being able to play without thinking as much?
KB - It has been quite easily honestly. Once you study it at night then get the repetition of it becomes smoother and you can jump on the field and be fast.

RS - What are your thoughts on the new staff and what challenges will it present having a new OC and learning to do things his way?
KB - I love them! They all seem like cool genuine guys and just the normal stuff like dealing with new faces and new personalities.

RS - Have you had a chance to work with your new inside receivers coach James Christian and what are your thoughts on him?
KB - A little bit, he has talked to us about some things. He is going to bring a different dimension than we had last year. He seems like a really nice guy.

RS - Do you have any comments on Coach Levine as the new Houston coach and what that means for the team?
KB - I love him because he is my recruiting coach and was also my positions coach last year. I am in love with that thought. As for next year, he showed what he can do against Penn State so the sky is the limit.

RS - It is even more motivating when you see the staff sign such a talented group of receivers on national signing day?
KB - Maybe but you have to work every day anyway so it is just another day.

RS - Does it add any more pressure for you knowing that this offense has been one of the nation's best and will be replacing all four starting receivers?
KB - Not a lot of pressure. We have been doing this for a couple years too, so we are just ready to fill in the spots.

RS - Having played with such a veteran group of teammates in last season's offense do you feel you were able to learn from them and is there anyone in particular who has helped your development the most?
KB - I would say two players; Patrick Edwards came hard every day whether it was a game, practice or scrimmage. He went hard every single play, never stopped running and never gave up anything. With Justin Johnson he was a true leader you want on any team. He played all special teams and was a starter. He played special teams his entire career and was only a starter for one year, but still never gave up. He always bit into what the coaches said and played hard. Those two players we are going to miss a lot.

RS - Speaking of special teams do you plan on playing on any?
KB - My positions coach Christian is the special teams coordinator and he told me I am a big body so I should be looking toward playing a lot of special teams.

RS - What is the atmosphere like amongst the receivers with such a heated competition for spots in the rotation next fall?
KB - It is quite tense but at the same time there is a lot of joking going on. There is true love for everyone. It is good to compete when we are on the field but off the field we are still brothers.

RS - If you were to name a starting four, not including yourself who would they be?
KB - I would say Ronnie Williams, Daniel Spencer, Mark Roberts and Isaiah Sweeney.

RS - Final word for the Coog Fans?
KB - Keep believing in us and keep supporting us. Fight on and go Coogs!

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