UH Receivers Series - Isaiah Sweeney

"When I got the opportunity to be a Cougar they gave me options to play both football and run track so this was my number one school that I wanted to come to." - UH receiver Isaiah Sweeney

\RS - Why did you decide to attend the University of Houston?
IS - I came here because I am from Houston and always have liked the city, so this was already a good environment for me. I have always looked up to the University of Houston and wanted to be a Cougar one day. When I got the opportunity to be a Cougar they gave me options to play both football and run track so this was my number one school that I wanted to come to.

RS - What are you majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
IS - I am majoring in consumer science and merchandising. Right now, I am in grad school for human resources.

RS - What position will you be competing for this spring?
IS - The outside X position as well as kickoff and punt returns.

RS What are your personal goals for this spring and the upcoming season?
IS - To go out and perform by best and show the coaches what I've got so they can put me where I need to be.

RS - Please tell us about your injury and how tough it was sitting most of the season and do you feel you are 100% for spring ball?
IS - I broke my jaw toward the beginning of the season and had to sit out 6-7 weeks for the healing process. For three and half weeks I had my jaw wired and was strictly on a liquid diet. I dropped about 25 pounds and had no energy to do anything. It was a long, tough process coming back. I am 100% back!

RS - How did you do in track at the indoor conference finals?
IS - I was high point scorer at the track meet. I was first in the long jump (25ft), second in the 200m (21.5) and 4th in 60m (6.74) in the prelims, but didn't do that well in the finals with just a 6.82.

RS - Now that Patrick and Tyron are gone are there any players you have seen who might be able to match your speed?
IS - We have some fast players on the team besides me. It is still a speed team we have here at UH. The next guy in line behind me is probably DJ (Hayden) on the defense.

RS - What are your thoughts on the new staff and what challenges will it present having a new OC and learning to do things his way?
IS - We are pretty much going through the same process learning the offense. The new OC has some new wrinkles and concepts so we go over it 3-4 times a week in the mornings and afternoons getting the concepts down so when spring ball comes we will be rolling. As far as anything new we are still in the beginning stages of developing this offense so when spring gets here we are going to see where he is going to take us.

RS - Do you have any comments on Coach Levine as the new Houston coach and what that means for the team?
IS - It is always great to have someone who wants to be here. Coach Levine always seems proud to be here at the University of Houston. He says his kids want it to be said that they are from Houston so he is planning on being here a long time. So it is a greater sense of ownership of the team.

RS - Now that you are one of the veterans at the receiver position do you see yourself as a leader to keep this offense on par with what the fans have become accustomed to seeing?
IS - I am not really outspoken, but I do the right thing most of the time. I would say that I lead by example, but getting on people is just not my style.

RS - Does it add any more pressure for you knowing that this offense has been one of the nation's best and will be replacing all four starting receivers?
IS - We have always been preaching that if someone goes down not to let it be a drop off. Being behind Patrick Edwards I have learned a lot from him so I have a lot from him that I can carry on to next season, there should not be a drop off.

RS - Having played with such a veteran group of teammates last season offense do you feel you were able to learn from them and is there anyone in particular who has helped your development the most?
IS - It is motivating seeing Patrick's success and he is going where I want to be in the league. Tyron has also helped with my development.

RS - If you were to name a starting four, not including yourself, who would they be?
IS - We are still all competing for positions right now. Coaches always say no one has their positions set. It is usually after spring ball when coaches start making decisions, but until then players may get flipped around positions and nothing is decided.

RS – Any final word for the CoogFans?
IS - Go Coogs!

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