UH Receivers Series - Gino Collins

"...I want to leave no stone unturned. I really want to have a lot of fun this year. The guys we have now are a well-knit group and are all very close, so I feel like that will not be a problem." - UH receiver Gino Collins

RS - Why did you decide to attend the University of Houston?
GC - For me it came down to a decision to stay close to home. My mother and sister are here so I just wanted to stay around them.

RS - What are you majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
GC - I am a Supply management major with a focus in global logistics. My ultimate goal is to start my own embargo company and work in distribution.

RS - What position(s) will you be competing for this spring?
GC - Wherever they thrown me, but as of right now I am playing outside receiver on both sides. I have dibble-dabbled in a little of everything since I have been here at school but that is my main position for now.

RS - You have gone from being behind a group of very experienced veterans to being one of the most experienced at your position, do you see yourself taking on more of a leadership role in helping the offense pick up where it left off?
GC - Obviously, I do and me being in my senior year I want to leave no stone unturned. I really want to have a lot of fun this year. The guys we have now are a well-knit group and are all very close, so I feel like that will not be a problem.

RS - What your personal goals this spring and the upcoming season?
GC - My personal goal is to become a starter and fill a void for this team and my ultimate goal is to win a conference championship before I leave.

RS - How difficult has it been learning this offense and being able to play without thinking so much?
GC - As far as the new OC a lot of things have changes as far as the language and call but a lot of things have also remained the same. So with all the time I have spent in the old system it really isn't too much to transfer it over to the new system.

RS - Has he brought in a lot of different sets since arriving?
GC - He has mixed up a few things that is new to us, but overall, in general, it is basically the same concept.

RS - Do you have any comments on Coach Levine being the new Houston coach and what it means to the team?
GC - I think it means a lot to hire a guy that is one of our own that people are familiar with. Everyone knows he is a very family oriented man and he looks out for us. He talks to us quite often and wants to know how we are doing and our family is doing so that means a lot to the players. Coach is known to be a high-character guy around here.

RS - Is it even more motivating to see the staff sign such a talented group of receivers on national signing day?
GC - It is! It shows our hard work is starting to pay off where kids are starting to recognize UofH not only in the southwestern region as a school but more on a national scale from California to New York.

RS - Does it add any more pressure knowing this offense has been one of the nation's best and will be replacing all four starting receivers?
GC - It really doesn't. You strive to do great things every year. We have a lot of talent here at UH so I really don't feel it will be an issue.

RS - Having played with such a veteran group of teammates in last season's offense have you been able to learn from anyone in particular to help your development?
GC - I could say something about all four guys who have started. Pat (Edwards) has helped me out with footwork, technique and things of that nature, EJ (Smith) was more of a mental guy and helped me out as far as my mentality about things, Juice (Justin Johnson) was a character builder and was just helped hold the team together and Tyron brought that charisma so you can take something from each one of them. For me, they have all been here since I first got here so I am one of the ones who has gotten to spend a lot of time with all four of them.

RS - What is the atmosphere amongst the receivers with such a heated competition for the rotation next season?
GC - It is a heated competition but you have to remember we are still all friends. Of course there is competition but there is no bad blood or mistrust or no negotiating friendships. We are all out here to have fun and compete and that is the kind of character that is around here.

RS - What are your thoughts about Brandon MidDL -eton as the new receivers coach?
Have you gotten a chance to get to know him yet?
GC - I have known him for a while. He used to come up here with Coach Phillips and sit at the meetings and give us some insight of his own. So I have known him for a while and was pretty excited to know he was actually going to be the positions coach.

RS - You have made some great grabs at the end of some of the games, do you feel yourself as being one of those big play down field threats for this offense?
GC - I feel the big plays themselves was one of the things Coach Phillips taught us. It is a mentality. I feel like all of us are capable of that, not just myself. You have seen Pat do it, juice do it and Tyron do it, because when Coach Phillips was here we would do it in practice all the time so in a game it was the same as practice. It was just fun no pressure at all.

RS - If you were to name a starting four, not including yourself, you would they be?
GC - Isaiah Sweeney, Ronnie Williams, Darian Lazard and Dewayne Peace.

RS - Are there any final words you would like to say to all the Cougar fans out there?
GC - Come out and support us. Don't think this year is going to be a down-slide. We have a got a few surprises for yall.

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