1-on-1 with No. 3

Junior wide receiver, Deontay Greenberry was among the last players off the field at practice Wednesday evening, in preparation for the UCF Knights.

“We’re glad that our first conference matchup is against UCF. We didn’t like how the game ended last year; it was so close. The guys are just mentally and physically drawing into what the coaches are putting forward to us, so we’re really looking forward to this game,” Greenberry said.


Greenberry was the first Scout.com five-star player to choose the University of Houston in the program’s history, which explains his great success as a player throughout his college career beginning back in 2012.


“I had a real good relationship with one of our assistant coaches, Jamie Christian. He was a former Arizona State coach; we had a real close relationship during the recruiting process. So when I chose not to go to Notre Dame I kind of relied on him, so I went to wherever he was at and I came here,” Greenberry said.


A lot has changed since Greenberry was that 5-star recruit coming out of Fresno, California where he led the Washington Union High School football team to a Division III State Championship with a 14-0 overall record in 2011.


“It’s been very interesting. There’s been ups and downs, but that’s what college is all about, come here and get better for the quarterback,” Greenberry said.


Being his high school team’s sole team captain has helped prepare Greenberry for the responsibility of being a team leader throughout his journey in Houston.


“I just expected to get better, prepare myself for the next level which is the NFL. I’ve done just that. Coach Levine has done an awesome job with me, humbling me, and keeping me humble throughout this whole process,” Greenberry said.


With Greenberry’s name being on countless watch lists for the NCAA, there is a good chance that he will be playing on Sundays in the future. Greenberry already has a good idea of where and whom he would most like to play with in the NFL.


“My favorite NFL team would be the Patriots because I just love Tom Brady. I would love to play for him one day. My favorite NFL coach would have to be Rex Ryan, I like Rex Ryan,” Greenberry said. “I got a lot of friends who are already in the NFL, so it would have to be some of those guys, like Trent Williams, Patrick Peterson, those guys, I’m real close with them.”


There are some major differences for Greenberry between the city of Fresno and Houston. One of the biggest differences has been spending less time with his mother, his number one fan back at home.


“Oh yeah, of course you know my mom she tries to come to any games possible. She just came to the UNLV game, I would say she’s my biggest fan,” Greenberry said. “Yeah, she’s made probably about five games since I’ve been down here. My first game she made was when we played UCLA my freshman year.”


Greenberry was able to share a special moment with his mother, the first time he saw himself pictured on the billboard next to the downtown Houston skyline.


“That was real big, the first time I seen it I was in the car with my mom when she came down,” Greenberry said. “We were on the way to the Galleria, I was going to go buy her some stuff, and she seen it and she was like, ‘baby is that you!’ and I looked… and I was like, ‘man yeah it is me,’ so it was just really exciting.”


Although down time is rare, Greenberry thinks it is most well spent bonding with his teammates off the field, and that helps translate team chemistry onto the field.


“Me and some of the guys in our free time, we always are getting in a little extra football work; but other than that at the crib just chillin, playing a game, order up some pizza or something like that… just with the guys,” Greenberry said.


One of the most important relationships on a football team is that between the quarterback and his receivers. Greenberry and John O’Korn are no different in their need to establish that chemistry together off the field.


“We don’t spend a lot of time together like we should, but we spend quite some time together. We’ll go get a bite to eat, talk about stuff not football related, just about life period,” Greenberry said.


It has been an inconsistent start to the 2014 season, but Greenberry remains level headed and humble during times of adversity. Greenberry says the biggest difference between winning and losing involves the turnover ratio.


“Just continue to not turn the ball over, because we’ve got one of the best defenses when they get the ball, just as far as we not creating turnovers and they keep getting turnovers we’ll remain the best in the country at that,” Greenberry said.


Greenberry has already achieved so much by setting records at UH and in the league in general, but he’s not finished yet. He still has personal goals to achieve before his time as a Houston Cougar comes to an end.


“I just want to go out there and win conference,” Greenberry said. “I know that sounds like a team goal, but to me that’s a personal goal. I want to go out there and just finish out the season undefeated.”

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