Ryan Jackson at a glance

Ryan Jackson had his first game of the season with multiple rushing touchdowns against South Florida last week. This was the third game of Jackson’s career with multiple rushing touchdowns, including the 2013 match ups against Southern and Rice. Jackson puts in the type of preparation necessary each week to produce these impressive game statistics.


“ … Just executing, taking care of all the little things on the field, certain things we’ve got to do when it comes to running the ball, like pressing the line of scrimmage,” Jackson said. “Overall it’s really just trying to be more aggressive, trying to get better every week, trying to never stay the same, you can’t be complacent. You’ve just got to always get better each and every week.”


So far this season, Jackson has scored seven touchdowns. Jackson’s current career-high stands at eight touchdowns from the 2013 season. With four regular season games left for the Houston Cougars, Jackson does not preoccupy his thoughts with personal stats; but like most team players he stays focused on the big picture.  


“ … I really haven’t even paid attention to how many times I just scored … my main goal is just to make as many plays as I can for the team. As long as we get those wins at the end of the day, I don’t really care about how many times I scored,” Jackson said. “For me, I just try to give it my all and do my best, so whatever comes with it at the end of the day, comes with it.”


When Jackson joined the Houston roster back in 2012 he served as backup to Kenneth Farrow. In 2013, he shared backfield duties with Farrow and played in all 13 games. During Jackson’s 2013 season, he led the team with 661 rushing yards, and had a career-long 44-yard reception against Memphis.


Both junior running backs, Farrow and Jackson, have been quite the dynamic duo in the backfield for the Cougars. The two teammates never miss an opportunity to feed off of each other’s strengths.


“We learn a lot from each other because we’re two different players. He’s powerful; I’m fast and explosive. We both try to take a little bit from each other,” Jackson said. “As far as power, I try to take a little bit of his power, you know some of the things he does like pressing the line of scrimmage … I try to take after that, he tries to take a little of my quickness, a little bit of speed, and we just try to balance it all out and get better each and every week.”


Houston is now 3-0 in Greg Ward Jr.’s first three starts this season at quarterback. Much of the success that Jackson and other offensive players have had in the last few games can greatly be attributed to Ward Jr. at the quarterback position, and the dynamic he has created among the offense.  


“We’ve all got our little relationship, me, Greg and Farrow. We’ve just got that mentality to just come out and work, get better, and just go hard every week and just focus on the wins. Having him at quarterback opens up a lot of running lanes for us … ” Jackson said.


Jackson’s current focus for the team is to continue the winning streak throughout the remainder of the season.


“For the rest of this year, I’ve just got to focus on finishing hard and just keep grinding, having big games, after big games, just try to give it my all and try to see what all comes out of it,” Jackson said.


Jackson still has more ambitious goals ahead of him, as he looks forward to his senior season and leaving a mark on his alma mater in 2015.


“For my senior season, I would hopefully like to go undefeated and hopefully rush for 1,000, and set a few other goals as well,” Jackson said.


When Jackson’s collegiate career comes to an end with the Cougars, he feels confident in pursuing his dream to play professionally and take his talent to the next level.


“Of course I see myself playing professionally,” Jackson said. “I really like the Texans, I like the Eagles, I like the Steelers and I like the Broncos; but yeah, I really, really like the Eagles, and I really like Pittsburgh.”


Whenever Jackson’s football career is all said and done, that won’t be the last seen of him on a football field. Jackson has aspirations of coaching at the collegiate level and passing on his knowledge that can only be acquired from years of playing time.


“ … I would like to work my way up to the league, but I think college is a little bit more exciting for everybody in general,” Jackson said.


In preparation for the Homecoming game against Tulane on Saturday, Jackson said that it is “nothing in particular” that they are focusing on in practice, but more “the little things” that they need to work on in order to improve their play each week.

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