Interview with Kendal Briles

"There is definitely enough talent on this football team to win some games and compete for a conference title." - Kendal Briles

1. What are your size, speed, strength numbers?
I'm 5'11'' 202 and I really haven't been able to test running or lifting because of my rehabilitation with my shoulder. I'm usually a 4.5 in the 40 though.

2. What is your assessment of the 2003 Cougar football team? How do you rate the talent level on this team?
There is definitely enough talent on this football team to win some games and compete for a conference title.

3. Following the spring game, give us your take on Coach Briles offense and how it has changed from the years in Stephenville.
Well, to be honest, there really hasn't been a whole lot of adjustments as far as the plays are concerned. The blocking schemes have changed for the better.

4. What is your take on the defense following this spring?
Watching the spring game I thought the defense really polished up from earlier in spring practice. In 7 on 7 they have looked really good and focused on what reads their coaches have taught them.

5. In a recent coach ratings done by Sporting News, Mack Brown was rated #25 out of all D1 coaches and Dennis Franchiconi was ranked #8. Is that about the way you see it? Your thoughts.
We're ranking coaches now? It's just something else for people who love college football to talk about.

6. What is your outlook for the 2003 season concerning the C-USA title chase and the Coogs chances for a bowl game?
Speaking for all the guys in the locker room; we all have very high expectations for the upcoming season, and won't be satisfied with anything less than a C-USA title.

7. What was the determining factor in your deciding to transfer to UofH?
The biggest factor was protecting my shoulder. To continue my career I knew it would be hard to protect my shoulder playing safety. Playing offense allows me to protect myself a little more. The other reasons were playing for a team that has a chance to do something special that hasn't been done in a while, and play for my dad again.

8. Could you give us your thoughts concerning the C-USA title run in 2003, like who are the teams to beat and how the upper echelon will end up.
The team to beat is the Houston Cougars!!

9. What are your studies and career plans at this time?
I'm a kinesiology major and I plan on coaching when I get out of school.

10. What makes you the most proud of your University of Houston?
I'd say the excitement and involvement of the people around the campus.

11. What would you like to tell all the CoogFans in Jacket land?
I appreciate all the support over the years and lets get ready to go on another run!!!!

(Can't wait to come back in town for some Chi-Hua-Hua's)

12. What would you like to tell all the CoogFans today?
Keep supporting and come to yell when this baby kicks off. We won't let ya'll down.

Well, it was a pleasure catching up with Kendal and visiting. He is an extremely confident young man and has exemplary manners. Everything was yes sir and no sir. Kendal tells us he is very happy here in Houston and I know I speak for all CoogFans that we are very pleased to have Kendal as a member of the Houston Cougars football team, and a student at our great University.

I thought it was exciting to hear that we have another Cougar that is interested in the coaching profession as we have discussed in the past that we need more Cougars out there. He'll have a good teacher!

We all wish him a 100% recovery from the shoulder surgery and look forward to seeing him in Red & White in 2004.

John Sypert/maddog99

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