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Huffman offensive lineman Dennis Bardwell talks in-depth about how he made the decision to commit to Houston

Huffman (TX) Hargrave offensive lineman Dennis Bardwell made his decision to commit to Houston on Friday, then tried to patiently wait until Monday to make it official.

If you cover football recruiting long enough, you feel like you have heard just about every scenario on how players commit to schools. Sometimes a school will offer and a player will jump on it immediately and commit. Sometimes, they get the offer and let process layout for months, even years, before making a decision. 

For Huffman (TX) Hargrave offensive lineman Dennis Bardwell, he did his due diligence and saw what a lot of schools had to offer and made his decision to commit. One thing though, he wanted to wait a few days to make sure his decision was the right one. It turns out, a 3 day wait was tough to wait through.

“I’ve always had good feelings about the Cougars,” the 6-foot-5, 275 lineman told Cougars Digest. “For the last month or so I’ve wanted to get out there and check everything out and make sure what I felt was right. Last Friday I was in the car with my dad and I told him I was going to commit to Houston on Monday. I told him I was going to live with that decision through the weekend and see if it still feels the same before I call. Sunday night I was still dead set on it but I wanted to talk to my coach at Huffman before I made it official. When I talked to him this morning, he told me they were a great school and coach Herman and Warehime were the best in the business. I went home and told my parents and then made the call. Everybody I talked to about the decision this weekend told me it was the right decision.”

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Of course making it official always involves a phone call and Bardwell had hinted to Warehime Friday that his decision could be coming in on Monday. Evidently, Warehime’s patience for waiting on a prospect of Barwell’s caliber wasn’t all that good either.

“I had let coach Warehime know Friday that I might be pulling the trigger today and he had sent me a message saying he was in a three-point stance just waiting for my call,” Bardwell shared with a laugh. “I got done with my workout, went home to tell my parents I was going to do it and then called him to tell him it was official and he just started screaming.”

Bardwell has been building his relationship with the Cougars staff, and specifically Warehime for a while now and the level of comfort the two had gotten to was yet another reason the decision felt right.

“The relationship with me and coach Warehime is awesome,” Bardwell said. “We talk on the phone and it will just be about random things, not always just about football or recruiting. It’s good when you can build a relationship like that with a coach.” 

One of the big selling points the Cougars have been pushing lately is all of the facilities upgrades that continue to change the landscape of not only the athletics department as a whole but the football team specifically.

“The facilities are definitely exciting,” Bardwell admitted. “I’m a pretty simple person where if you just give me a weight rack, I’m good. The nutrition program up there though is insane, the new stadium is insane, and they showed me a long term plan for what is going to happen with the facilities and my jaw just dropped.”

Bardwell plans to be at Houston’s ‘Under The Lights Camp’ this Friday night, just to visit with the staff and other commits but has no other plans at this time for any other camps.


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