Go Cooooogs!!!!!!" - Chuck Weatherspoon"> Go Cooooogs!!!!!!" - Chuck Weatherspoon">

An Interview with a Cougar Legend #28 "Spoon"

"Remember to always keep the Cougar Spirit. It only takes one to bring in thousands. If you stay excited about Cougar Football, everyone will get excited about Cougar Football. <I>Go Cooooogs!!!!!!</I>" - Chuck Weatherspoon

RS - Hi Chuck, First of all where are you from and where did you play high school football?
CW - I played at La Habra High School in La Habra, CA.

RS - What were your running stats like in high school?
CW - I am not sure, however I can look them up. However, my record from all my years of rushing was broken two years ago. My senior year I rushed for 1,986 yards.

RS - Which coach recruited you to come to UH and what other schools were after you? Why did you decide to come here?
CW - Coach Bill Yeoman and Donald Ivory. The schools that recruited me were USC, UCLA, Arizona State, Colorado, Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach Polly and UH.

RS - Since your playing days at UH, what have you been doing as far as work, school, etc?
CW - I am in school right now and I am currently looking for work.

RS - What motivated you to come back and finish your education?
CW - A career change and the need to make more money.

RS - What are you currently majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
CW - I am majoring in technology and working on a kinesiology degree. I would like to coach.

RS - Do you think you would like to coach at UH in the future?
CW - Certainly.

RS - What are your fondest memories at UH as a person and/or a player?
CW - Hanging out with my friends and having no real worries. Just having a good time.

RS - Now let‚s talk some football… Many fans don‚t realize how versatile you were other than being the S-back in the Run N Shoot offense. I remember you as a great blocker, receiving the ball out of the backfield, as well as a tremendous special teams player, rather that meant being the first one down on coverage teams or returning punts. Are special teams something that you requested to do or something that the coaching staff felt you needed to do in order to help the team?
CW - The coaching staff made the decision because of changes in team positions.

RS - What are your thoughts on the Run N‚ Shoot offense?
CW - I believe the Run N Shoot was a great offense because it was a wide open offense. It kept the other team guessing what our next move might be.

RS - If you were a coach, is there anything differently you would do, like implementing a TE or FB in certain situations?
CW - If I was a coach, I would not implement a TE or FB because it defeats the concept of the Run N Shoot. The Run N Shoot is set up for one running back and four receivers there is no need for a TE or FB.

RS - Do you think that anyone could ever stop those great offenses that we had then?
CW - I don't believe anyone could stop our offense because we had to much talent among all of our players.

RS - I can remember teams trying to play eight defensive backs and others playing seven man fronts, and nothing seemed to work. Were there any teams or defensive styles that gave you the most trouble or that you preferred to play against?
CW - The team that gave me the most trouble defensively was Texas A&M because their defensive style. They played a defense where there were no defensive tackles, defensive ends and no nose guards. This made them faster and helped them to move around and through our offense.

RS - Do you still keep in touch with any of your former teammates?
CW - Some, but I keep to myself.

RS - Did you play professional football after UofH and where did you play?
CW - Yes I played for the Eagles, the Buccaneers, the Lions, and Cowboys. I also played a year of Arena Football.

RS - Have you had the opportunity to follow the program and/or attend many games since you finished playing football?
CW - Yes, I am a member of the H Association and I have attended many football games since my time there.

RS - What are your thoughts on the recent coaching changes and the new offensive philosophy that Coach Briles is introducing into the program?
CW - I hate to see a coach leave, but I believe it was a good move because the coach was not strict enough, therefore causing the team not to focus on its responsibilities. I like Coach Briles' philosophy because his style is similar to the Run N Shoot. It is very exciting.

RS - Do you like the idea of hiring former cougar athletes as coaches and why?
CW - Yes, because they bring a love for the school and the sport on a team they once played for.

RS - Have you heard of CoogFans.com? If not do you think you will utilize the site now as a form of cougar information?
CW - Yes, it is a great site.

RS - Are there any final thoughts that you would like to say to all the Cougar fans out there?
CW - Remember to always keep the Cougar Spirit. It only takes one to bring in thousands. If you stay excited about Cougar Football, everyone will get excited about Cougar Football. Go Cooooogs!!!!!!

RS - Chuck, I would also like to give you the opportunity to explain to all the cougar fans what your brother has gone through since he played football at UH. For those of you that don‚t remember, Linton Weatherspoon was a defensive lineman for us during the early 90s. Our prayers go out to him.
CW - Linton graduated college in 1996 and received his BA in math, Later he received his masters in math. He was working on his doctorate, when he came down with Leukemia. Today he is in remission after a successful bone marrow transfer. He still has a long road to go but is facing it like a Cougar would.

Chuck it has been a pleasure meeting you and with discussing football with one of the all time cougar greats. Thank you and best of luck finishing your education. You are a tremendous asset to the program, as well as a great representative of the University of Houston.


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