DJ Small

Small Takes Unique Path To Cougars

The Cougars picked up a commitment from Dickinson cornerback DJ Small who has taken a unique path to ultimately be offered and accept a scholarship to Houston.

The Houston Cougars picked up another commitment Monday night, in a finish to signing day that has been active for the Cougars to say the least.

The newest commitment, is one that has a very unique path to becoming a Cougar, which he hopes to complete by signing his National Letter of Intent on Wednesday. Dickinson (TX) cornerback D.J. Small committed to the Cougars less than a week after he was offered and only a day after wrapping up a memorable official visit.

“It went real good,” Small told Cougar Digest shortly after his visit. “We had a lot of fun. We got to talk to some of the professors, see the facilities and the players were real coo too. I felt real comfortable with them this weekend.”

Small’s senior highlights and accomplishments read like that of a college bound football player, but if you are looking to see how he played before this season, you’ll have some trouble finding tape from the football team.

“This was my first year playing football at Dickinson,” Small said. “I played football when I was little, all the way through eighth grade. After that I decided I was just going to focus on basketball which I did the first three years of high school. The whole time I was in high school, the football coaches were trying to get me to come out, especially coach (John) Snelson. After my junior year, I knew it was my last year and they have a great football program here, so I figured I would give it a try.”

So try he did and proceeded to reel off a senior season that saw him selected to the first team All-District team and ultimately land a scholarship to attend a school he was seriously considering academically before he ever stepped foot on the football field.

Over the last few weeks the Cougars have ramped up their contact with Small and one of the key coaches he has dealt with is Clay Jennings who will serve as Small’s position coach with the Cougars as well.

“He came to my school a few times the last couple of weeks and I’ve talked to him on the phone,” Small said of the early stages of his recruitment by Jennings. “I also got to spend a lot of time with him this weekend. He is very funny and while we were in the film room, I can tell he definitely knows what he is talking about. I am anxious to learn from him.”

As is usually the case with official visits, Small took his family along and they too got the answers to the questions they had coming into the weekend. 

“I took my mom, my dad and my little sister with me on the visit,” he said. “They got all of their questions answered this weekend. When coach Applewhite asked them Sunday if they had any more questions, they didn’t have any more.”

As for the obvious association to another famous Cougar who came from Dickinson High School, Small says Dickinson has done a great job of motivating he and his teammates of the fame Andre Ware achieved after he too made the jump to Houston from Dickinson.

“Oh yea, coach Jennings asked me about that the first day I was there,” Small said about famous Gator and Cougar Andre Ware. “I see his jersey in the field house, pretty much every day. We had boot camp before the football season this past season and they used to drill it into our heads about Andre wining the Heisman. If we got anything wrong about Andre Ware we had to do push-ups or run or stuff like that. I know a lot about him.”

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