WR Jeremy Singleton

25 Questions with Jeremy Singleton

New Orleans receiver Jeremy Singleton signed with the Cougars less than a month ago and today he answers our "25 Questions" about the recruiting process, his goals at Houston and more.

New Orleans wide receiver Jeremy Singleton never wavered during the transition between staff's following the 2016 football season. He remained committed and proudly signed with the Cougars earlier this month.

Now he helps us kick off our 25 Questions series with the incoming class of freshmen. We ask Singleton about the recruiting process, his time at Houston and much more as we get to know him a little better.

1. What is your most memorable moment from your high school football career?

My most memorable is beating Catholic High in 2014 to advance to the semifinals for the first time in 25 years.

2. Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I usually make sure I have all of my gear, listen to music and make sure I feel good and look good. "Look good, play good"

3. At what point did you realize you had the ability to play Division 1 football?

When I was a freshman I started getting letters and coach visits. That is when I knew I had it.

4. What position will you be playing at Houston?

I will be playing wide receiver

5. What is another position you think you might could play at the collegiate level?

I think I could also play cornerback.

6. Are you expecting to redshirt your first year on campus?

I am not expecting to redshirt. I think coach (Darrell) Wyatt is expecting me to come in and have an impact.

7. What is one thing you need to work on to play at the collegiate level?

I need to work on catching in tight spaces, top of routes and getting separation.

8. How often do you workout and what is your routine?

I usually workout on the field Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Usually warm-up, footwork, catching, more footwork and a lot more things too.

9. Other than football, what else are you looking forward to at Houston?

I'm looking forward to meeting new people.


10. What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is hot wings.

11. What is the last album or song you downloaded?

The last album I listened to is Future by Future.

12. What person, dead or alive, would you like to sit down and have dinner with?

I would like to have dinner with Chance The Rapper.

13. Do you have any nicknames?

My nickname is Jerm

14. What do you plan on majoring in at Houston?

I plan on majoring in Marketing.

15. What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Lucy

16. Who is your favorite female celebrity?

My favorite female celebrity is Megan Good.


17. Do you know yet who you are going to room with this year at Houston?

I do not know yet.

18. What was the biggest determining factor in you choosing Houston?

Houston felt like home. Great academics and not too far from him. Plus I could see myself staying in Houston after I graduate.

19. Is there a coach at Houston you already feel close with?

I feel close with coach Wyatt. He kept it real with me throughout the whole recruiting process.

20. What was your favorite moment from the recruiting process?

Ending it on signing day, lol.

21. Have you gotten to know any of the players or other incoming freshmen through the recruiting process?

Yes, this class has a great bond with each other.

22. What school would you have chosen if you had not chosen Houston?

If I did not choose Houston I probably would have gone to Ole Miss to play cornerback.

23. What number would you like to wear at Houston?

I would like to wear 3 but I will probably get something different for freshman year.

24. What is your personal goal for your first year at Houston?

My personal goal is to be a solid impact. Do exactly what the coaches expect of me.

25. Would you like to say anything to the Houston fanbase?

I would like to say let's get TDECU rocking next season, I'm looking forward to making some great memories. Go Coogs!

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