Lamont Arrington & SCC BB Coach Carlos Briggs

"I got along great with all the guys and the coaches really made me feel wanted. The school is nice and everything about it just felt right." - Lamont Arrington

SK - Lamont, how you doing?
LA - Doing good. Happy to be coming to Houston.

SK - What made you decide on the Cougars?
LA - I got along great with all the guys and the coaches really made me feel wanted. The school is nice and everything about it just felt right.

SK - So you must have had a good visit here last month?
LA - Oh yeah. I also got to meet Clyde Drexler and Sam Cassell. Also some other Rockets too. It was a lot of fun.

SK - What do you feel are the strengths of your game?
LA - Being able to get up and down the floor. Always being active on defense and offense. My jumper is good and I have a good touch around the basket.

SK - What do you need to work on?
LA - Continuing to get stronger. I've really improved on that since I first got here but I plan on really working hard this whole season.

SK - Thanks for taking some time with us Lamont (he had to get back to class) and congratulations on joining the Cougar family. LA - Thanks and I look forward to getting down there this summer.

Lamont's coach, Carlos Briggs:

SK - How big is Lamont now?
CB - He's 6'11" in stocking feet and right at 220. He sat out here last year to get stronger and work on his game. As a high school senior he was 6'7" and then ended up growing 4+ inches his first season at NAIA and then transferred here.

SK - Tell us about his game?
CB - He's a super athlete that really gets up and down the floor. He has a good little jump hook and a legit face up jumper. He has good hands and is a guy that will block and change a lot of shots. At this point he's an average rebounder and post defender. We feel he has the tools to become good at both but he's going to need more strength before he'll be able to keep bigger men off the blocks. He's just starting to scratch the surface of his talent. He does need to get stronger but we plan on putting about 15 pounds on him before he gets to Houston next summer. The most important thing for him will be to get court time. After he plays 30 games for us he'll really open some eyes.

SK - How did he do at the JUCO camps this summer?
CB - At Indiana he played okay but he really made his mark down in Tulsa at the Mullen Camp. The scouts down there who saw him at Indiana said it was all starting to come together for him. After that Lamont started to pick up interest from Wyoming, Wright State, Purdue, South Carolina, and of course, Houston.

SK - How is he academically?
CB - He's a good student and he should graduate on time so he can get there early next summer so he can go through workouts with the team to continue to help his development.

SK - How does he fit into your team there for this upcoming season?
CB - Lamont's going to be a big part of our plan this season. It will be up to him and Marcus Johnson (Schoolcraft's PF) to help us get back to where we were last year (31-4 record). It will be up to him to change the game on the defensive end of the floor and then convert at the other end when we need him to.

SK - What are your thoughts on Lamont as a person?
CB - He's not a good kid, he's a great kid. He's just a joy to coach. Getting to watch him develop has been a joy. I've known Ray along time and have a great respect for him. I know that when I send Lamont down there he'll not only learn from Ray on the floor but off the floor as well. It's a great fit for everyone involved.

Thank you Coach Briggs for taking some time with us here at CoogFans and good luck this season.


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