Roy Swan, the big man in the middle

"I think we can play with anybody in the country. If we played Michigan again, it would be a totally different game because we improve every week." - Roy Swan

Q. Roy, give us an update on your size and strength numbers.
RS. I am 6'2" 335 lbs and am squatting 540 and my bench is 405.

Q. Seems to me that I remember during your recruitment that you might have done a 600 squat while you were in high school in Texas City. What happened since then?
RS. That's right, I did squat 600 at Texas City, but when I got here they put me on a different program and back in high school I was on a power-lifting program. I think I will be squatting 600 again before I leave UofH.

Q. Compare this team to the team a year ago. What is the difference the way you see it?
RS. A year ago it was more like work and now it is fun to play football again. This team is close and we have a good attitude and think we can win every game we play. Last year, we used to think we would get beat when we played a good team.

Q. Tell us a little about our last two opponents.
RS. Both teams are good teams, but I think we might have been a little over confident in the Memphis game. We might have also been looking ahead to the TCU game a little. We had a great game against TCU and it should have been enough to win the game.

Q. Tell us about our new coaching staff.
RS. We have a loose group of coaches and you can talk to any one of them about anything. Coach Briles is the greatest coach I have ever played for. The team is together and our OL is a very close group.

Q. Who was the toughest opponent we have played this year?
RS. Michigan was the toughest because they kept coming at you and didn't make any mistakes. They were a disciplined team.

Q. Who was the toughest lineman you have faced off with this year?
RS. The players that game me the most trouble were #95 of Michigan and #55 of Miss. State.

Q. How far do you feel like our team has come in the rebuilding effort?
RS. I think we can play with anybody in the country. If we played Michigan again, it would be a totally different game because we improve every week.

Q. Give us your assessment of our DL this year?
RS. Our DL's play really hard, we are just real young. We are playing a lot of freshmen and that is hard because they are in their first year and don't have the advantage of working with weights for a year before they play.

Q. What do you do with your spare time when you're just hanging out?
RS. Us offensive linemen are a tight group and we hang out together and sometimes go bowling and play video games.

Q. What does being a Cougar mean to you?
RS. More than anything, it is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Q. What would you like to tell CoogFans today?
RS. Thanks for all the support ya'll have given us this season. Keep following us and we will take you to a bowl this year.

Thanks Roy for a fun interview. Your sense of humor is engaging. Also, thanks for the fabulous job you have done since stepping into a starters role as a redshirt freshman. We will look forward to you anchoring this big line for the next two years.

Good luck the rest of the season, and we'll be watching big #71 on Saturday for a long time to come.


Action images by Pete Medrano

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