Vincent Marshall, The Hero of Hawaii

"First, we want to win a CUSA Championship, but after that, the National Championship is possible. We play OU and Miami and then play some real tough conference games on the road. The sky is the limit." - Vincent Marshall

RS - Where are you from?
VM - I am from Ennis HS in Ennis, TX.

RS - What is your major?
VM - I am majoring in psychology and minoring Kinesiology.

RS - What are your plans following school?
VM - I would like to play in the NFL or go pro in track, but I know making the NFL will be tough. If that does not happen, I would like to coach football or track.

RS - Who else recruited you, besides UofH?
VM - Actually, UofH didn't really recruit me. I was recruited by Miami, LSU and Wisconsin, to run track. The only school that recruited me to play football was Sam Houston, and I think they really wanted me for track too.

RS - Why did you decide to attend UofH?
VM - I really wanted to stay close to home. I was interested in running track for Coach Tellez, he teaches the jumpers. After the high school football all-star game I played in, the football coaches told me I could walkon the team.

RS - Do you feel learning proper running techniques in track has made you a better football player?
VM - As far as stamina, I would say yes, but running on the football field is more about 5- to 10-yard bursts.

RS - How did you fare this year in track?
VM - I finished as the C-USA champion in the triple jump.

RS - How tough has it been to mix football and track, while staying at such a high level in both sports, and recovering from your hamstring injury, suffered during the Hawaii Bowl?
VM - I have not really been able to practice any at track. I just went to the meet and did the jumps. I actually was playing with a sore hamstring since the Michigan game, and then it popped a few times in Hawaii. Once the spring is over, I will have a long time to work on it and get it better. I will be 100% by the time fall football starts.

RS - What can you remember about that all-star game where you opened a lot of eyes?
VM - I remember playing against Reggie McNeil, he was on the other team.

RS - What are your thoughts of the offense Coach Briles has brought here?
VM - I love the tempo of this offense, and there are so many ways to get the ball. I like the spread formation, it is what I used to run in high school, and I am used to getting a lot of touches.

RS - Last year, we used you on a lot of screen plays and reverses, to create big-play opportunities, do you prefer this or would you rather get the ball downfield more often?
VM - As long as I am contributing, it really doesn't matter, besides, last year, we had Brandon Middleton to go deep. There really is no replacing BMid, but we will have WRs who can get deep and make plays.

RS - From the newcomers (redshirts) we have coming in this year, whom do you think will make the biggest impact for the team?
VM - I think Kendal Briles and Donnie Avery are going to be big for us. Donnie can get down field and make plays.

RS - What do you think Kendal will bring to the table?
VM - Kendal will be on the field, whether it is as a U-Back, QB or whatever, but he is too good to have on the sidelines, he can do it all. I am currently roommates with Blade Bassler, Anthony Evans and Kendal Briles.

RS - What are your team goals this year, and what do you wish to accomplish before you leave?
VM - First, we want to win a C-USA Championship, but after that, the National Championship is possible. We play OU and Miami and then play some real tough conference games on the road. The sky is the limit. I just want to contribute. However coach wants to use me, I am there.

RS - Who was the toughest defensive team you faced last year?
VM - For me, it was Southern Miss, they have a lot of speed.

RS - What about the toughest individual you faced?
VM - The toughest individual I faced was the cornerback in the East Carolina game.

RS - Practicing against our defense, who are the toughest player on that side of the ball?
VM - I would have to say Lance Everson and Will Gulley. They are both very quiet off the field, but real tough on the field.

RS - How is Lance doing with his broken jaw?
VM - I spoke with him recently and he is doing great. He is ready to get back on the field and start playing.

RS - What about the toughest cover corner on the team?
VM - I think RoShawn Pope is the toughest.

RS - I understand that you have an opportunity to regain an extra year of eligibility, is this something you are aspiring to accomplish?
VM - Yes, I am definitely interested in doing that. I am working hard and will be taking some classes this summer. I will get it done.

RS - What were your thoughts on the Hawaii Bowl, and what was running through your head on that tremendous catch and run at the end of the game?
VM - We should have won the game. I do think the game got us some great exposure throughout the rest of the country and was great for recruiting. We got another speed burner in Ivory Williams, he can really run. We also got Brenden Pahulu, he also runs track and can really fly. I was his host during his recruiting visit. During that run, I was really surprised the safeties were that far out and I was able to split them.

RS - Do you read CoogFans, and what do you think of it as a source of fan interaction/information?
VM - I read it all the time, pretty much every day. I like to see what the fans are saying about us and if they know what they are talking about.

RS - Are there any last words you would like to say to all the CoogFans out there?
VM - Keep supporting the Cougars, we all appreciate it as a team, and the staff does as well.

Thanks so much Vincent for taking the time to do this interview. As I have been with every other player I have interviewed, I am very impressed with your attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to help the team win. We all look very forward to seeing you burn many defenses over the next three years.


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