Kendal Briles Interview

"We will win here with the coaches and work ethic everybody possesses on the team. If you want to be a successful football player and team, then you might as well do it in one of the largest cities in America." - Kendal Briles

JS - How have you adjusted yourself after the move from UT to UofH?
KB - I feel that now I have sat out a year and can be a contributor to the team that the adjustment phase is over. The first couple of months were tough becaus it was all new guys and a different position. I am comfortable now with my classes and I'm ready to help the Cougars win in any way I can.

JS - What do you tell recruits about the University of Houston and the city of Houston when you show them around campus?
KB - I just tell them the truth about the program and city. We will win here with the coaches and work ethic everybody possesses on the team. If you want to be a successful football player and team, then you might as well do it in one of the largest cities in America.

JS - How did it feel to get back into action on the offensive side of the ball this spring?
KB - It felt great to be out there with the ball in my hands. It took a while to adjust but now I have the offensive mentality again. I look forward for the offense to have another big year against C-USA opponents.

JS - How far do you feel like we have come in the rebuilding process here at UofH? What are the final steps to become a Top 25 team again?
KB - I think the entire university has done great things in the last couple of years and every sport is ready to be a Top 25 contender. To be a Top 25 team the bottom line is we have to win. We are working everyday for that goal to become a reality.

JS - Everyone is talking about the defense after the last two seasons and saying that this up and coming season will be up to them to have a good year for us to move forward. What is your assessment?
KB - The defense had a great spring in my opinion and really took it upon themselves to become a dominating defense. They still have a few personnel adjustments to make but that is why we have spring ball. I believe that the coaches will put guys in the right positions to make plays for the Coogs in '04.

JS - This coming season is loaded with obstacles like Miami, OU and Memphis/So. Miss./TCU on the road back to back to back. Can we have a big year with such a tough schedule?
KB - We have to approach all those games the same as any other. We as players have to be competitive anytime the coaches line us up against another color. Yes, we can have a big year, and we will!

JS - What is your perspective on the C-USA championship chase this season? Will the Cougars be in it and who are the others you see who will be in the top 4 or 5 teams?
KB - The cougars will be in the race for the C-USA championship. In my opinion there are lots of teams who will have a good year but our goal is to have a great one. Every week you have to play like it's your last ball game and we're ready for the challenge.

JS - What is your take on C-USA when compared with other conferences around the country?
KB - I think that C-USA is underrated as far as football is concerned. There are lots of competitive teams that could match well with any conference in the nation. What you have to realize is that if you win all your games you control your own fate as far as the polls are concerned.

JS - How do you and the other players like the idea of playing in Reliant Stadium?
KB - I think that everyone on the team is excited about playing in Reliant Stadium. Me, personally, it doesn't matter where and when we play.

JS - Speculation has you playing several positions this fall. Where all do you anticipate playing?
KB - The coaches have talked to me about playing QB mainly and filling in some other positions if needed. Wherever I can help the Cougars on game day is suffice with me.

JS - Who do you see as a couple of our redshirt freshmen coming on the field this year that will draw WOW's from the fans?
KB - There are several players that I have been impressed with during spring ball. A couple of names that come to mind are: Anthony Aldridge, Donnie Avery, Bennie Swain, and Rocky Schwartz. But really, the entire class looks to contribute on the field.

JS - What do you want to say to all CoogFans in closing?
KB - Thanks for supporting, and I know ya'll are as anxious to tee it up as we are!

There should be a lot of excitement this coming fall and the offense gets a big time player in Kendal Briles the back to back 4A high school Player of the Year in Texas in his junior year at Stephenville and then as a senior at Lubbock Friendship Wofford. I know all CoogFans join me in wishing Kendal Briles a big year and a breakout season for the Coogs.

Thanks #5. Have a great season!


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