will get into another bowl game for the Houston Cougar fans." - Marcus Ross"> will get into another bowl game for the Houston Cougar fans." - Marcus Ross">

Marcus "Hard Hitta" Ross Redux

"Look for UH to do big things next season, and we <I>will</I> get into another bowl game for the Houston Cougar fans." - Marcus Ross

Just one year ago I interviewed Marcus as an incoming recruit, I thought that I should catch up with him again and get his thoughts on having been in Art's system for a while. As before, I received an assist from Marcus' mom and for that I am Grateful.

DD - Marcus, you have been in Coach Briles‚ system for a year now, are you glad that you chose to be a Houston Cougar?
MR - Yes, because I feel that I have a good opportunity to touch the field next year. And I feel that Coach Briles is going to bring something to the table that no one has seen.

DD - Last season was an exciting one for sure. How difficult was it to redshirt?
MR - It was difficult, but I'm happy I was redshirted because it gave me the chance to understand the system better.

DD - Tell us your current numbers (height, weight, bench, squat, 40).
MR - 6' 0", 180 lbs. (on the bench, squat, and 40, I have not been tested yet).

DD - Can you tell us the difference or how tough of an adjustment it has been to learn the position and techniques at the D1 level?
MR - It wasn't real hard, the game is just a whole lot faster.

DD - You were known for your fierce hitting through HS and now into college, is this something you actively work on, as far as tackling techniques or does it just come naturally?
MR - It comes naturally.

DD - What has the spring been like? What are you able to take from it to prepare for the coming season?
MR – This spring has been really great. There's a couple of things I am able to take to the field, and that is: analyzing my opponents better and the proper way to tackle that person.

DD - What role do you see yourself fitting in for the team this coming season, as far as, defensive packages and/or special teams?
MR - I see myself fitting in and making plays.

DD - Any thoughts on playing Oklahoma and Miami?
MR - I will not underestimate or overestimate them. I am going to go out there and play the game.

Marcus Ross during his sophomore year at Hastings HS.

DD - How do you see the '04 season shaping up?
MR - I see UH having a better season this year than last year. I also see both sides of the ball bring a lot of excitement.

DD - I know that in high school you were a track standout, have you been able to work with Coach Burrell?
MR - Not really, but he does know my interest in the Decathlon. I did the Decathlon for the first time last summer and took the Gold Medal at the Regionals in San Antonio. I went to Detroit a few weeks later and placed 8th in the Nation. I hope to be able to bring this talent to UH, but there are areas I definitely need to improve.

DD - Have you fully acclimated to college life (school, sports, etc.)?
MR - Yes, it's a new experience, but I am doing fine. I have learned time management and feel that the remainder of my time at UH will be even better.

DD - Tell us a little about your family?
MR - Well as you already know, my mother is my biggest supporter. She will be at almost all of the games next season.

DD - Do you read CoogFans, and what do you think of it as a source of fan interaction/information?
MR - I don't read it often, but majority of the time, people are telling me about it.

DD - Are there any last words you would like to say to all the CoogFans out there?
MR - Look for UH to do big things next season, and we will get into another bowl game for our Houston Cougar fans.

Thanks for your time again Marcus and I'm sure that all CoogFans will be looking for Hard Hitta in '04.

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