Kendal Briles - A Peek at '04?

All eyes are on #5 as Kendal Briles debuts his offensive skills for the Houston Cougars. OK! But, where do we look? Kendal gives us a couple of hints.

All eyes are on #5 as Kendal Briles debuts his offensive skills for the Houston Cougars. OK! But, where do we look? Kendal gives us a couple of hints.

JS - How is 7 on 7 going this summer? Any outstanding info. or stories to tell us fans?
KB - 7 on 7 has gone really well during the month of July. The only important info that I can give is that everyone is working hard and we're ready to compete for a Conference-USA championship.

JS - Is your shoulder 100% and ready for full contact?
KB - I feel that my shoulder is ready for full contact. It better be, ‘cause it's too close to do anything about it now!

JS - What will it feel like stepping on the field after sitting out for a year?
KB - It will feel great to be out there fighting with all my friends. That is what I have missed the most sitting out. It will feel a lot better September 5th with a victory under our belts though.

JS - A lot of speculation is going on among the fans about the role you will play. What positions do you anticipate playing in, and what do you think your role with the 2004 Cougars be?
KB - I really haven't been told exactly what I will be doing yet, but it looks like I'll be playing some quarterback with a little bit of slot receiver. My role is to help the Cougars win like the other ten guys out on the field.

JS - We open with Rice in Reliant this year and then play Miami there a few weeks later. Does that have any special significance as far as the players and coaches are concerned?
KB - I don't think that it does. The team is ready to start and preparing for the Rice Owls. Where we play hopefully doesn't practice have a large role with players or coaches.

JS - To start the season we will play six games in 33 days. This stretch includes road dates with OU, Memphis, So. Miss & TCU, looking at a tough schedule including a home date with Miami is a tough looking assignment. Does this put any extra pressure on you guys starting out with such a tough schedule?
KB - Beating Rice in Reliant will be the first step in relieving any pressure that I and other teammates have. After that the coaches will prepare us for the following week. The main thing I believe is to stay healthy and confident throughout the string of tough games.

JS - Most questions about how we will fare this year revolve around the defense. Do you think this is the key to having a great year and how do you feel like the defense has progressed since last year?
KB - Well defense is always a key to winning, but so is offense and special teams. The defense has looked good during 7 on 7 and guys are ready to prove that they deserve respect as a whole unit.

JS - Sept 5, 2004 you will be playing for the University of Houston, the same school your father played for......your thoughts?
KB - Buckle up and lets win #1! That's the only thing that will matter to me on September 5th.

JS - When you think of great Cougar football players from the past, what names come to mind?
KB - "Andre Ware to Jason Phillips" is a couple of names that comes to mind. But I like to reach back in the ‘70s with names like Wilson Whitley, Danny Davis, and Miller Bassler.

JS - After having lived in Houston for a year, give us some of your thoughts about the 4th largest city in America.
KB - Houston is definitely a city of opportunity. I love being a Cougar and representing this city everyday.

JS - Tell us all at what we can expect from these 2004 Coogs.
KB - You can expect a lot of great things from a team that is hungry to win. ...but you'll have to come to the games to see the show!!!

Thanks Kendal, for taking time to visit with us fans here on CoogFans today. We would like to wish you a great season and one that ends with an exciting Liberty Bowl trip. We'll be in the seats supporting you guys!


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