Sharp-shooting freshman, Corey Bloom

"I want to leave here with a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. When I was in high school they hadn't won a championship in 30 years and I was one of the key figures in bringing them back. I feel Houston has had an amazing history in basketball before I got here. I would like to contribute and bring them back to where Houston basketball once was and win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP." - Corey Bloom

RS - Corey where are you from and when did you begin playing ball?
CB - I am from New Orleans Louisiana. I first started playing basketball when I was 5 years old. The school I was at had a league and that is when my brother and I started playing.

RS - What is your current height and weight?
CB - I am 6'5 190 lbs.

RS - How many years did you play varsity in high school.?
CB - I played four years of varsity and started my final three seasons.

RS - Tell us about your high school team and what your role on that team was?
CB - This past year we finished 4th in the nation and were two-time defending state champions. We went to the final the three years I started but lost my sophomore year. As far as my role on the team, I was one of our leading scorers and averaged about 18 points a game. We had a great team and my role was a scorer but I did a little of everything.

RS - Has there been any influential people who have helped you develop your game?
CB - The most influential person has been my brother, Antoine Landry. He is 5 years older than me. I grew up watching him play ahead of me. I have always wanted to be like him. He finished playing at Louisiana Lafayette University two years ago and right now is playing in the NBDL (National Basketball Developmental League) and trying to get with an NBA summer team to make it to the league.

RS - Do you have any professional players who you pattern your game after or feel you resemble?
CB - I pattern my games after players like Rich Hamilton, Reggie Miller and Paul Pierce type of players. That is, a smooth shooter, but someone who can also do a little more like pass and penetrate.

RS - How do you feel most comfortable shooting the ball? Spotting up, in motion, off the dribble?
CB - I honestly feel like I am any type of a shooter. If you give me the right set I can shoot coming off the dribble and I don't mind shooting in motion either. A lot of other people say my strength is coming off screens and shooting.

RS - At what point in your youth did you believe you could play at the collegiate level?
CB - I have always believed. Like I said, I grew up watching my brother, we worked hard and I have always been good. It has always been a dream of mine.

RS - What is your most memorable experience as a basketball player?
CB - I have to say my most memorable experience was not this year but last year in the state semi-final game. I was fouled with zero seconds left on the clock and we were down by one. I sank both free-throws and we won to move in to the state championship game and went on to win it. That game was against Sulphur and had Martin Zeno who is at Texas Tech playing for them .

RS - What other schools recruited you and why did you decide to attend the University of Houston?
CB - Other schools included Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Southern Mississippi, Tulane, Texas Southern, and Air Force. I chose Houston because it is close to home and the University of Houston Basketball is on the rise and the program is coming back to where it once was. I really like the coaching staff and the atmosphere they are bringing back.

RS - You didn't mention LSU, were they ever in the picture?
CB - It was kind of an on and off in the recruiting and I just really feel Houston is a better fit for me.

RS - When was the first opportunity you had to see the campus and meet the team?
CB - The first time was when I came down for my visit last summer. I was able to view the campus and meet the team. I really enjoyed my trip, the campus is beautiful and everyone treated me great. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

RS - Were you able to attend any of the games last year?
CB - I was able to catch a couple games. I was here for the LSU game and the one at the end of the year where they were playing for the tournament against UAB.

RS - What are you planning to study and what are your ambitions following school?
CB - So far I am undecided on my major, but it will most likely be in the business field, perhaps Business Administration, I am pretty good at that stuff.

RS - Do you have any aspirations of playing professional basketball?
CB - Yes Sir, I do have aspirations of playing professional basketball. Like I said, it has been my dream since I was little and would like to follow in my brother's footsteps. One day I hope I can get the opportunity.

RS - Other than Emmanuel, have you had a chance to meet any other members of the incoming class?
CB - No I haven't, but I have heard a lot about them and just look forward to meeting them.

RS - After playing with some of your future teammates this summer, what are some thoughts about their games?
CB - I am impressed with a lot of the guys. I feel we are going to have a very good team and all of them aren't even here yet. A lot of them have impressed me with their dribbling, passing and ability to score and I think it is going to be a really good season.

RS - As a player, what do you feel your strengths are and what do you feel you still need to work on before the season begins?
CB - I feel my real strengths are my shooting and passing abilities, along with my court awareness. I feel I need to work on being more explosive and my ball handling skills.

RS - What are the workouts like now compared to your high school days?
CB - The workouts are real intense now. In high school it wasn't really mandatory, but now in college it is intense like a business and everything is real serious. It is very hard for me now, I am trying to adjust and my body is still getting used to it.

RS - I have noticed Coach Haralson is not afraid to get in a player's face and get personal. Is this something you are having to adjust to and is it difficult?
CB - That is something I like. I respect a coach who lets me know how it really is. But he is still behind me 100%. He tells me what I am doing wrong and I appreciate that. I like that about him.

RS - What are your personal goals before you leave Houston?
CB - I want to leave here with a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. When I was in high school they hadn't won a championship in 30 years and I was one of the key figures in bringing them back. I feel Houston has had an amazing history in basketball before I got here. I would like to contribute and bring them back to where Houston basketball once was and win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

RS - What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the University of Houston?
CB - The first thing that comes to my mind is GREATNESS. Phi Slamma Jamma was one of the greatest college teams ever assembled. I hope we can get back there.

RS - Are you familiar with Michael Young's role with Phi Slamma Jamma?
CB - I wasn't familiar with it before I arrived. Once I got here, everywhere I go I am hearing about Michael Young and how he was the leading scorer on that team. Everyone talks about Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon, but Michael Young was the main one, the leading scorer and did a lot of the work. He might not get as much credit, but he was one of the leaders on that team.

RS - Do you ever read
CB - I have never read it before, but hopefully I can start now.

RS - Are there any last words you would like to say to all the Cougar fans out there?
CB - I hope all of you will come out to support us. I give thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to come out here. I just want to thank everyone.

Corey it has been a great pleasure meeting you. I can tell with the little I have known you that you are a very respectable young man you will be a great representative of this University. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you draining those jumpers in the future as a Houston Cougar.

Welcome aboard!


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