Interview with Lee College Asst Coach Jim Wilson

Updates on UH signee Anwar "Slim" Ferguson, Myron Allen (potential Cougar?) and previous signees, and current Lee JUCO freshmen, Darrius Brannon and Rickey Huckaby.

Good morning Coach Wilson. You've just gotten back from the Regional tournament and concluded your season. How did the season go?
I feel pretty good with how we did this season. We won 10 in a row up to the last game in which we lost to Lon Morris (eventual tournament champs headed to the national junior college tournament next week).

How has UH signee Anwar "Slim" Ferguson progressed this year?
Slim has had his ups and downs. We asked him this year to block EVERY shot that he could and that led to him getting in foul trouble. He probably only played about 20 minutes per game but still blocked over 150 shots for us this year. In fact, in the tournament game against Panola he had 11 blocks and followed that up against Lon Morris with 7. His best years are definitely ahead of him because you can't teach shot-blocking. His timing is just incredible.

What about offensively?
Slim got all of his points on putbacks and alley oop dunks. We ran 80% of our offense through our guards. One thing about Slim is he has great hands so all Myron had to do was throw the ball up in the vicinity of the basket and Slim would snag it and throw it down.

How is he doing academically?
He has some things to finish up so it's just a matter of how that goes. The worst case scenario is he spends most of the summer here finishing up. He'll be wearing a Cougar uniform in the fall.

That's not that uncommon for junior college guys is it?
No, not at all. Very few finish up in May and most have to put in a summer session before they move on to their respective D-1 schools.

One name that continues to pop up is Myron Allen. Where does he stand right now?
Myron wants to be a Cougar. (puts me on hold as he takes another call) That was Myron on the phone now. We're on spring break right now and he just finished playing ball at the gym. That's what he does. He lives in the gym continually trying to improve his game. He also just reiterated to me right now on the phone that he's buckling down and going to do everything possible to be eligible to play for Houston. It's a dream of his. Also, he's still trying to gain another year of eligibility from the NCAA but that is not a sure thing. He's willing to pay his own way to UH so there's nothing to lose by giving him a shot. One other thing, every NBA team has been in to scout him. He will be playing in the league for sure eventually.

How did Darrius Brannon do this season?
Brannon is looking great. He realized after the first couple of games that he wasn't going to be getting plays run for him. So he sucked it up and said, "I'll get mine of the glass and through opportunity buckets." And he did just that. Also, when we played Lon Morris during the season he held their star forward Terrance Thomas (Baylor signee) to 7 points. It was a sight to see a 6-9 guy chasing a 6-7 guy all over the court. He did a great job.

Will he touch the ball more next season?
Definitely. This year was unique in we had so many great guards that you had to play them. Next year he'll get 20 touches a game along with Brannon Hayes.

How's Darrius' recruiting going?
Houston is recruiting him very hard along with OU, UT, A&M, and a couple of Big Ten schools. His heart though is with Houston and I really feel like he'll play for the Cougars.

How did Rickey Huckaby do this year?
It took awhile for him to adjust to the higher level of play but he came on during the middle of the year and had a solid season. The biggest factor in Rickey's play this year was Myron Allen. Playing behind Myron, Rickey saw the floor very little. He'll be our starting point guard next year and we feel like he'll do a great job for us.

Coach, it's been a pleasure speaking with you and we'll talk again soon.

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