Art Briles Interview

"We just really feel good about the direction of our football program. Great days are in front of us starting this year." - UH Head Coach Art Briles

JS - How's construction coming along on that big red brick house?
AB - We've set the groundwork, now we have to start phase 2. We're getting the players at UH who can excel both academically and athletically.

"Hey, we're in this for the long haul. We ain't pitch'n a tent."

JS - Coach, Kevin Kolb is on a record pace to set the all time sack record at UofH. Do we have a plan in place in 2005 to better protect our star QB?
AB - I need to call plays that eliminate some of the concerns. When you take the number of snaps Kevin takes, sacks will be involved. We have made some protection changes that we feel good about.

JS - Could you give us your pros and cons on the new aligned C-USA?
AB - Pros - More Texas involvement. We can associate ourselves with the new Universities.

Cons - I never look for the negative.

JS - How does the scholarship count and & depth charts match up with your expectations these days?
AB - We've got our scholarship count up in the offensive and defensive lines. Those were the two most critical areas, so we feel good about our numbers there.

JS - To have played for a university and then return as the head coach seems special. Can you explain how you feel about it?
AB - I've always been proud to be a COUGAR! My passion for UH has been driven by the people who love our University.

JS - Do you talk X's and O's with Coach Yeoman these days?
AB - Coach comes down and watches video with us, which we like. He really is a good uplifting spirit.

JS - Alan Weddell will be on the sidelines with you this year. I would guess that you are encouraged at what Coach Weddell can bring to our defense. You know him well, so in your opinion what will be the initial impact of having him on the staff?
AB - We are fortunate to have Alan on our staff. Alan is an excellent motivator with intelligence. Alan will bring some 3-4 knowledge to the system that Ron Harris put in this spring.

JS - Kendall will be in uniform again this season. You have to admire his courage and passion for the game after all his injuries. Will he play the QB position only this season?
AB - At this point , Kendal's status on playing is still in question.

JS - A lot of the fans feel like this is a must win season for the program. Your thoughts?
AB - Shoot - everyone of the seasons I have ever coached is a must win.

JS - In the book "Eat 'em Up Cougars" written by Jerry Wizig, he tells the story about a room full of players that were up sitting in the dark silently past bedtime before the 30-0 whipping we laid on the horns in 1976. One of the coaches doing bed checks opened the door and asked what they were doing and one of the players answered, "playing the game coach". Were you in that room, and if not did you have any knowledge of this?
Great win for the Coogs. We had really good team chemistry that year. If it was after bedtime I wasn't involved.

JS - What does this statement mean? "Let's all get ready to get happy" according to Coach Art Briles?
AB - We just really feel good about the direction of our football program. Great days are in front of us starting this year.

JS - Tell us today at CoogFans how we, the fans, can help your efforts during this rebuilding process.
AB - We appreciate the Cougar family and we must keep the faith, keep pushing to make UH the premier college football team in the nation.

Thanks Coach, and have a great year!


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