Kendal Briles Interview

"Well in college football today every team has the chance to beat anybody on any given day. I think our chances are great because we've been busting our butts to be conference champs." - Kendal Briles

JS - How is the shoulder holding up to the recent training and workouts?
KB - Well, Maddog the shoulder is actually feeling pretty good. I've been able to progress well in the weight room and it seems to be holding up pretty good on the football field as well.

JS - People are saying we will see a big improvement in this year's team. What is your assessment of the 2005 Coogs?
KB - I honestly feel like the team chemistry this year is much stronger than that of last year. We are a more experienced and hungrier than before. We are all very anxious for September 1st.

JS - Where do you see the biggest improvement in our program since you arrived here at UH?
KB - I would have to say the biggest improvement overall is the teams conditioning. We had a great summer program and that has helped us carry over to camp. We are in great physical strength and our endurance is much better than previous years.

JS - Will you be playing two roles this year, as wide receiver and also as a back-up QB?
KB - Yes sir…

JS - What are your thoughts on the realignment of C-USA?
KB - I think it makes the conference more exciting since there is now a championship game. That gives teams an added initiative for setting goals and playing every game hard. I'm very pleased with the new moves and we should make the most out of it.

JS - We are receiving strong commitments for a team that is coming off of a three win season. In your opinion what would you attribute this early success to on the recruiting trail?
KB - I think any high school kid who has the opportunity to work with these coaches or communicate with them whether it ‘s in camps or over the telephone, can really see the path and direction that the Cougars we have now are establishing, and the desire of the younger players to be successful. That would intrigue me as a high school athlete and it seems that players want to be apart of what's about to happen.

JS - How has the program changed since you first came into it?
KB - It really seems that the fans and alumni and everyone else involved with Cougar football have really taken it upon them to show their support for Cougar athletics in general. This support really motivates us as athletes. I think that support is the biggest change that I've noticed.

JS - What's your take on the defense and their new philosophy?
KB - The 3-4 look that our defense has now is really going to cause some teams problems. I think they've had a great camp and the players and coaches are ready to line it up against the quacks.

JS - There is speculation among the fans that UofH could very well be in the C-USA Championship game. What do you think of our chances, and who do you think will give us our biggest challenge?
KB - Well in college football today every team has the chance to beat anybody on any given day. I think our chances are great because we've been busting our butts to be conference champs.

JS - Do any of the great players of the past come and visit you guys during your workouts and scrimmages?
KB - Yes, there are players that wander around out there every once in a while. Their support makes us want to work even harder when they're around and we appreciate that.

JS - Do you still have aspirations of coaching after this year?
KB - Yes sir…

JS - What would you like to tell the fans today?
KB - Thanks for all the support and get ready to get happy.

Thanks for spending time with us at CoogFans today.


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