Navy vet & basketball player Sam Anderson

On Coach Penders and staff: "They want us to succeed on the basketball court and off the court. They want us to be the best young men we can be. They care about us like we are their own kids." - Sam Anderson

RS - First of all, tell us where you are from and how you started playing basketball.
SA – I am from Detroit, Michigan and started playing in the Police Athletic League.

RS - What is your current height and weight and have you tested your vertical recently?
SA – 6'5 225 lbs and have a 32 in. vertical.

RS - What is your age and classification as a student?
SA – I am 23 and a Junior.

RS – I understand you went into the Navy after high school. Please tell us about your decision to enlist, what you did and a few of your experiences?
SA – I enlisted to travel, experience life and to see how other people were living.

RS – You seem to have a pretty impressive resume playing football and basketball, please tell about your decision to play football and where you played.
SA – My father helped me with the decision and I played at Eastern Michigan University.

RS – What was the deciding factor for you to hang up the cleats and put on the high tops?
SA – Basketball was my first love and football was something I did because I was good at it.

RS – What position did you play in football?
SA - I played TE and WR.

RS – Are you done with football or might you consider trying to play both sports?
SA – Who knows, if I can help the football team I will.

RS – How did our staff find you or you find them from Michigan and why did you decide to attend the University of Houston?
SA – I heard of Coach Penders from one of his former players at Texas named Al Coleman when I was stationed in San Diego.

RS - Who recruited you to play football and basketball and were there any schools that wanted you to play both sports?
SA – Kentucky, Stanford, Toledo, Bradley, W. Michigan, The Naval Academy, Bowling Green, and Central Michigan.

RS – What is your most memorable moment as a basketball player?
SA – Winning back to back MAC Championships.

RS – Are there any players you look up to or pattern your game after?
SA - Grant Hill.

RS - What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the University of Houston?
SA – Phi Slama Jama.

RS - What do you know about Tom Penders' style of ball and what are your impressions of his system?
SA – I have better be in the best condition of my life. He runs a very tight ship and very organized.

RS - Now that you have had a chance to meet your teammates this summer, what are your thoughts on the team?
SA – Everybody wants to win and be successful.

RS - Is there anyone particular who has impressed you with his leadership or abilities?
SA – Lanny Smith is a very fine young man who has leadership skills and will help lead us this year.

RS – Compare your workouts now compared to what you are accustomed to.
SA - The workouts here are a lot harder than when I was in the military.

RS - What attributes will you bring to the team?
SA – I will bring hard work, commitment, dedication, leadership, and toughness to the team.

RS - Are there any parts of your game you feel you need to improve the most before the start of the season?
SA – There's always aspects in my game that can be improved before the season like getting a feel for the offense and defense.

RS - What are your individual goals this season as well as your expectations of the team?
SA – I have no individual goals, I just want to play hard and win games this season and do what the coaches ask of me.

RS - What are your impressions of the coaching staff thus far?
SA – They want us to succeed on the basketball court and off the court. They want us to be the best young men we can be. They care about us like we are their own kids.

RS - Are you familiar with the role current coach Michael Young played on Phi Slama Jama teams?
SA – Yes I am.

RS - What do you plan on studying and what are your ambitions following school?
SA – Entrepneurship/Pre Business Administration, I want to open up a restaurant with my father and brother and a nonprofit organization catering to the needs of people.

RS - Have you ever read
SA – No.

RS - Are there any last words you would like to say to all the Cougar fans out there?
SA – Thanks for the support and interest. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the games. Thanks Again.

Thank you very much Sam for giving me your time to conduct this interview.


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