Interview with Madison HS Coach Ray Seals

Maddog interviews HISD's Madison High School Coach Ray Seals. Coach Seals has been quite successful, but still has a lot of work to do for the Marlin's march to the Texas HS playoffs.

md- Thanks for the interview Coach. Madison is coming off of a great season, so how does next season and the future look?
RS- We have a lot of big jobs to fill after losing our QB, RB, and our OL. I am trying to take it slow for the players, but we have a long way to go.

md- You lose Vincent Young this year. Tell me about Vincent.
RS- He is the best I have ever been around. He has the attitude of a warrior. He thinks he can beat anybody and everybody he plays against.

md- Coach, you had a defensive end this year I was really impressed with. I thought he had as much tools and talent as I saw this year. Where is he going to go this fall?
RS- He is going to UTEP, and you are right, he has the tools and when he matures he will be a great player. His upside is really great and I think you will see him in the NFL some day.

md- According to the early scouting reports from the recruiting experts, you have several D1 potential players this season coming up. The ones I have on my list are: WR Bennie Swain, QB Jonathan Ieans, and DB Derrick Carter. Is that about right?
RS- I think maybe CB Alfred Mike 6'0" 175 4.5 might be the best prospect we have at this time.

md- Coach, what do you see in the difference in HISD class 5A versus 4A?
RS- Your top 5A's are a cut above your top 4A in my opinion.

md- Throwing the ball in high school is more popular than ever. What do you see in the future?
RS- I think things go in cycles and I see the running game as being more important in the future. I think you need to balance your attack to be successful.

md- How do you defense these wide open passing attacks?
RS- You need to man the corners and use blitzes and different coverages to keep them off balance.

md- How do you see the UofH image at Madison these days?
RS- Better, a lot better. "UofH was mud here before Dimel took over." He is doing it right and we have good relations with the school now.

md- Coach, I really appreciate your time today. In closing this interview, I want to ask you what you would like to tell your fans today? I'm talking about the Marlin fans.
RS- We appreciate the great support we got this year. Our fans are great and our winning helps that.

Thanks to the great Coach Ray Seals. Good luck with your Marlins in 2002.


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